07 April 2014

Sew All 26: Z ||Craftiness is Not Optional||

Final week! Final week! Yes, we are on Z. How many letters were you able to sew?  I got 25 out of 26 ;)  I might go back and do my favorite letters again. 
Today is a special treat.  We have Jess of Craftiness is Not Optional. She squeezed 4 Zs out of this.  Zowie! So very impressive.  You'll want to see the rest of her incredible creation. Hop on over!

02 April 2014

Sew All 26: Y

We took a quick trip to New York last week to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday with 5 of the 6 kids able to show up.  It was pure heaven.  We got home to a bunch of sick kids, including strep, which then was passed on to me.  Thus, the tardiness of this post.  
But!  I found this linen in New York at theeeee best linen store.  Gray Line Linen.  My mom, my sister Ann, and I spent much of our precious NY time there, and even more of our precious dollars.  
This particular linen was only $5/yard because it was on clearance. (insert shocked-face emoticon)  
Yarn was an obvious choice for Y, but then I sat down with our dictionary (does anyone even use a dictionary anymore, or do we just use our phones to look up words?) and read the entire Y section.  I came across yolk and this dress idea was immediately hatched.
The chickens are stamped using fabric ink and then I hand-stitching the circle appliqué and added a tiny pinch of wool stuffing to make it 3 dimensional.
Then I thought it'd be fun to repeat the motif around the neckline, with a bit of scalloping in the same color.  The yarn is something I've had for years, just waiting for the perfect project to be used.  It's a Martha Stewart 
It's a self-drafted pattern, which works well for Azure because she's such a little toothpick.  A spicy toothpick, though.  Make no mistake about her size, for she can hold her own and make herself heard when need be. Which is all the time. ;)  
Everyone needs a bit of spice in their family dynamics, right?

20 March 2014

Sew All 26: X ||Falafel and the Bee||

When I made the call for X entries I was so pleased when Michelle of Falafel and the Bee responded with this amazing creation!
 She said it was kind of stretching the theme, but stretching is always a good thing, right?  Makes us more limber ;)  Hop on over to her blog to see where her X is!

19 March 2014

Sew All 26: X ||Ann Jones||

A sister is someone you can text and ask if she happens to have a sewing project that has to do with the letter X because nobody signed up for that week, and when you have a sister like I do, she will say that she happens to almost have her quilt finished that has an eXoskeleton on it.

I am so pleased to be able to share with you this piece of art.  Ann has been working on and off for 2 years...ALL BY HAND!   Go over and see it.  Now!

18 March 2014

Sew All 26: X & Pattern Anthology

We've had a whole bunch of rain here lately.  Last night was especially stormy.  There was just enough lightening to light up the room, but not close enough to bring the baby dills running from their slumber.  About 11 Mississippi's away.  And the whole garden is vibrant and sprouting.  Rain is good.
Except when you're trying to take photos for a post, in which case a few cloudy days makes a simple task difficult.  It finally stopped this morning so I could get some photos of my new Parisian top from the new women's collection Pattern Anthology just released!  They've got 4 women's tops "Just add jeans" (or sequined stretch pants, as the case may be ;)
It sewed up like a dream.  I wondered if there would be an issue using a woven collar with the knit shirt, but it not only works, it fits like a glove.
The only changes I made were to make it a high-low hemline instead of a band and I cinched up the arm bands with a bit of the woven fabric.
Nice job, ladies on a great collection release!  Pattern Anthology.  Go.  You'll want to check out all the designs.  And then sew up half a dozen of each.  SO comfy.
Earrings-Jacaranda Designs; Pants-La Cité from Zulily; Bracelets-made by me; Boots from New York.

17 March 2014

Sew All 26: W

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Have you been pinched yet?  I have a bunch of little munchkins around here with a bunch of little pinchers, so I rolled out of bed to find anything green to adorn. ;)

I have lots of mottos.  Like, When all else fails, sneak into the closet and eat the rest of the girl scout cookies before anyone catches you.  Or, If worse comes to worse, just sprinkle cheese or glitter on it, depending on the appropriateness of the situation.  I should write a book. A book of mottos by Katy Dill.

My latest motto is, When in doubt, make a circle skirt. Obviously there was no doubt here.  Pencil all the way. Actually, I bought this fabric with the intent to make a circle skirt, but as I began the beading (before I cut it out) I realized that it's just really heavy fabric.  I'd be sweating and weighted down trying to manage the whole 2 yards of it.
I bought it at an upholstery shop that was changing locations for a nice discount.  I kind of get giddy with home dec fabrics.  Just ask...well, you could ask Drummer, because he's usually the one with me, but I'm sure my mom and my sister could vouch for such giddiness. 
I had planned to bead every single moth (butterfly?), but after several hours on one, I figured I probably just ought to sew it up and maybe work on it a bug at a time, here and there (read: probably never).  But I do like those googley eyes staring up at me.
I have very few pencil skirts in my wardrobe because they take so much more fitting than a circle skirt.  I am not symmetrical, so it's not a case of taking my measurements and sewing something up.  In fact, my waist and hip measurements are 2 sizes apart, so it's always a guess as to how a pattern is going to fit.  More information that you probably wanted to know. ;)
Oh, and there's a backside, too.  This is my did you get a picture yet? look.  I didn't match the side seams because the repeat in the pattern was about every yard, but I did match the back seam.  You know.  In case anyone looks. ;)

13 March 2014

Sew All 26: X ||Mad Mim||

If you've been sewing along and happen to be ahead, I've got a space open next week for X week.  Email me (nobigdillblog@gmail.com) with your submission for a chance to have your project featured on my blog!

Meanwhile, we have Mim of Mad Mim!  And apparently great minds think alike ;), because we both had the same idea for W is for....  Go take a look!

12 March 2014

Sew All 26: W ||La Inglesita||

So excited to share my first W week guest.  Her details are wonderful.
María from La Inglesita is sharing her project that you won't want to miss over on her delightful blog today (she rainbowtizes, too).  She has subtle cleverness from top to bottom, inside to out on what she's created.  I'd like a set for Drummer.  Go check it out!

11 March 2014

Stars, Bunnies, Books, Twill & Nails

I can't believe it's already W week for Sew All 26.  When did that happen?! It's like a child that grows up too fast ;)
Spring has sprung around here quite nicely.  We are harvesting lettuce from the garden, and making letting the kids enjoy this beautiful weather before it turns too hot. Homework?  Subtract outside.  Hungry?  Eat outside.  Friend over?  Play outside.  
My parents are already gearing up for Easter with some amazing stars.  All these bunnies!!
It's like going to a pet store, trying to decide which one is cutest.
  Even baby chicks!
Or just plain spring-like that you could display year round.  Take a peek.
Another Easter idea is this beautiful children's book filled with artwork of Christ.  My sister-in-law, Krisanne Knudsen, authored the book that was written in conjunction with an art exhibit featuring the work of Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann and Frans Schwartz.  It's also available (signed copies!) from my parents store as well, here.
They also have a new size twill tape in stock for those who have been wanting (and patiently been waiting for) the 1 1/2 inch, it's finally here!!
It's the perfect size for a little message tag on the inside of the clothes you make :)  Need a refresher on how to make your own tags?  Go here.
Also, my "nail party" is open for a couple more days over at JamBerry.  Just choose No Big Dill Katy when you check out. Longest party I've ever hosted.  Whew!
Come back tomorrow to see my first W week guest.  She will not disappoint!

07 March 2014

Sew All 26: U & V

Hey!  Lookee here!  I'm all caught up!  The brilliance of doing U is for upholstery and V is for velvet came to me in the shower this morning, when I got the two weeks mixed up, and also where many of my great ideas come. The shower and while I'm trying to go to sleep at night.  My quiet moments, I guess, is the common denominator.  
I don't know what it is, but I love to put ruffles around the neckline.  Maybe it's my signature?  Or maybe it's because I love to use my ruffling foot because it looks so hard core and it sounds like something is breaking, but really, it's just putting these perfectly placed pleats in the fabric with little effort on my part.  Yes.  That's probably it.  Have you ever used one?  If not, I think a tutorial is in order.
The fabric is a curtain panel that my sister-in-law gave me when they were getting ready to move, practically giving away their entire earthly possessions.  I lucked out with a few bits of fabric, two of which were these curtain panels: one in green and one in red.  Fortunately they are big enough to make a whole dress for a little person! (Thanks, Olivia!)
Originally, I wanted to add a matching green collar but didn't have fabric that was the same color, so that's when I decided to add another color to the scheme.  Yellow, which happens to be Olive's favorite color. And when I didn't have the proper color in the proper weight, I decided to just do ruffles.  Also, I made the tiny piping, but ran out of it for the bodice in the back and was too lazy to make more.  So it's just in the front. I didn't think Olive would really care. ;)
(Olive loved the fuzzy velvet.)
Sometimes my creative process lends more to the convenience of what I have on hand than the design I have in my head.  And apparently I tend to have a lot of light-weight fabric on hand.  So, perhaps it's not so much my signature as my fall-back?  ;)
I used the edge of the curtain panel with the sewn-in plastic stabilizer for the hem of the skirt so it would flare out a bit. We girls like a bit of flare.

06 March 2014

Sew All 26: V ||Lemon Squeezy Home||

Spring is slowly making her way here.  The azaleas are already in bloom which is fun to be able to enjoy in our new house because we didn't do any of the work of putting them in! ;)  We picked lettuce from the garden yesterday for dinner salads and Ryan planted about 20 trees for our (and the bees) enjoyment.  We were in the midst of remodeling this time of year last year, and I'd come over to the house to check on the progress (with my eagle eyes, much to their dismay) and enjoy the azaleas.  I'm glad it's this year and not last!

As usual, I'm still a week behind in my sewing.  We've had a little stomach bug that is sporadically making it's way through the Dill household.  Clover had it last week and then everyone was well for a couple of days and then Drummer got it.  These are the times when I especially love minimal carpet.  
But my guests have been faithfully sewing on, and I'm so pleased to have Christie join V week over on her blog, A Lemon Squeezy Home.  She has sewn up a very twirly outfit for our viewing entertainment (and Bailey's spinning pleasure).  Go take a look!  Thanks, Christie!

03 March 2014

Sew All 26: V ||Simple Simon & Co||

We had a glorious weekend!  The weather is in that perfect stage here, an easy warm during the day, still crisp and cool at night, the ideal lettuce weather.  I know there is still a lot of blizzard weather going on for lots of you, but when you have the perfect weather, we are roasting, so it's a trade-off I suppose ;)  This morning I get to announce the winner of the Jamberry Popstar nail wrap!  Congratulations: Amanda Michelson!!  Megan will be contacting you so she can get your popstar nail wrap to you.  And of course you can still order your nail wraps from Megan.  Go to her link here and when you check out, select party "No Big Dill Katy".
Kicking off V week, we have the Very talented team of Simple Simon & Co here today!  Elizabeth is the one who did today's work, sewing up this classic Vintage dress.  She's got one more V up her sleeve, so go take a look.  Thanks Elizabeth!

28 February 2014

Sew All 26: T

Pearl has been so patient for her turn in the sew-me-something-new-mom line.  It was her turn, actually, a few letters back, but somehow there were people who cut in line.  I yelled "no cuts!" but nobody listens to the mom. ;)
I usually make Pearl full length maxi skirts, just because that's what she usually likes to wear to church, but I told her to pick out a skirt pattern and a top (from my Japanese sewing books) and this is what she came up with.

I picked out the fabrics.  Can you tell?  Linen, anyone?  And I knew the trees with a splash of Pearl's favorite color would go over well with her. It's a bit pirate-esque, especially with those boots, now that I review the photos, which also works for Pearl.
I free-handed the embroidered tree along with my signature with a few practices first.  My first tree looked like an evil claw.  And if T was for terror, that would have been perfect. I also used my silver/black variegated thread for the sleeve embroidery scallops.
Pearl is fun to take pictures of. :)

And then a little pantless photo bomber joined the shoot.  Luckily he was color coordinated, so I let him slide swing.  

And I guess I piqued the interest of those who love a good birth story because several of you asked on instagram if I would share the story of Pearl being born in the car.  I found the original post here.  Enjoy!  Or maybe if you're squeamish, you shouldn't click over. ;)