sewing tutorials


Stamp Your Own Pattern
Abbey Road Top
Coastal Twirly Skirt
How To Scribble On Fabric
Book with a Hole Dress
DIY Size Tags
Cut Out Tutorial
A Snappy Tutorial
I'm Sari
Frog Closure
Ruched Sleeve
A Refashion: From Pants to Jumper
Ruffle Clover
Chocolate Delivery
Petal Sleeve
Fleur D'Orange: Ins, Outs, and Arounds
Avalanche Skirt
Ms. Pacman
Paperdoll Skirt
Big Splash Swimsuit
The Chiquita Dress
NEO: Mini Waitress Apron
The Maxi Tube Dress
Faux Placket
Ruffle Your Bustle
The Jammie Fixer
Candy Corn Costume
Flora, Fabric, and Paint
The Ruffled Up Headband
A Very Biased Skirt
Fisherboy Shorts
Divine Ruffled Bloomer
Pennies Swimsuit
Puffy Blooms


Buttonhole elastic
Clean & Oil Your Sewing Machine
Book Coat Tutorial
My Chincoteague Pony
Triple Stitched Blanket
Simple Pillow Sham
Continuous Bias Tape
Baby Blanket
Pen Wrap & Roll
NEO: Tailor's Ham
NEO: Play Kitchen Hotpad
Hands Off My Picnic Blanket
Easy Mitered Corner
Reading a Japanese Pattern
Scalloped Table Cover
The No Big Dill Monster
Ballerina Doll
Dropped Coins Covered Button
Hot Piping Bags
Personalized Memory Game
Patching Jeans
Placemat Bag


Greta Clip
Poppy Party Skirt
Billy Cardi
The Girdy Belt
Coastal Curtsy Skirt
Ruched Headband


  1. LOVE the new look and the quick glance at all of your tutorials! Your tutorials and creations are some of my favorites!!

  2. You make beautiful things!!!!


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