10 August 2017

Trick or Treat!

Just kidding, I'm all about the treats! It's like riding a bike, right? You get back into it and it all comes rushing back.  Well, mostly.
Riley Blake just came out with their new Trick or Treat collection, and I was like, a whole bunch of black, white and orange?!?! SIGN. ME. UP.
When I first saw this fabric, I thought of UPC. Haha! One thing I've realized about my sewing self over the years is I really like to have a simple pattern or solid fabric to be able to play with and embellish, or I like to keep the design really simple if it's more of a busy pattern.  This time I chose to play, of course. I made those stripes go every which way.
In fact, I originally cut the skirt part out going vertically and almost cried.  Not really, but kind of.  I had my heart on horizontal to compliment the front bodice. The sewing gods were smiling down on me because I eeked out another skirt with what I had left over.
I had just ordered 20 of those incredibly gorgeous lace zippers for another dress I made for Clover, and used a black one on this.  Because it looks just like a strip of black lace.  They are ridiculously priced at fabric stores (I got 20 for the price of 2 or 3), and I can never find long ones, but I consulted with my best friend, Amazon, who should really be called Amazing and found THESE. (An affiliate link if you want a buffet of lace zippers at your fingertips. You're welcome.)
We still have a good chunk of warm weather here.  Read: will the heat ever end? But you can always add a cardi or cute wrap to this one. The pattern was Simplicity 8307 that I snatched for a mere 99 cents.  I pretty much sewed it up straight except I added the exterior zipper and the trim.  It's kind of on the short side for those long legged ladies.
I've got some orange Riley Blake Trick or Treat that will soon be cut up...maybe for one of my redheads.  ;) Halloween sewing doesn't necessarily have to be Halloween sewing. ;) Take a look at all their fun prints here.  


  1. LOVE mix-it-up stripe direction! And the lace zipper :-) Oh my, so sweet!

  2. So happy to see you back on here! I have a small pile of children myself, and completely understand taking breaks- but I enjoy your blog so very much, I've been reading it for close to 10 years now! Inspiringly beautiful work as always!

  3. So fun! Glad the stripes worked out!

  4. How long of a zipper did you use?


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