20 October 2016

See Kate Sew's Doll Fabric

After a hurricane evacuation, darn Matthew, it was time for some normalcy, aka sewing time. ;) 
What is more uplifting than doing some little girl and doll sewing? Put them together and that's pure joy.  If you haven't seen See Kate Sew's fun dolls floating around, you're in for a fun surprise!
Each panel comes with a boy and girl doll with 3 different choices: blonde, black hair, brunettes.  There are also several fabric patterns that coordinate! Fun, right?!
Each doll panel comes with 2 bows and a big ice cream cone.  I made mine into two smaller cones, one for Clover's dress and one for the dolls to share. ;)
For some interesting details, I used one of my embroidery stitches along the strap, round to match the pattern on the grey fabric.  I also added a pattern of sequins to look like they're scattering down her shoulder.
Needless to say, Clover is thrilled with her new pal.
I added a resin buckle to the waistband because it was just. the. right. color.  I've been waiting for the perfect project. Oh. And baby piping. Because there's always room for baby piping.
For Goldie's ensemble, I added some silk ribbon ribbons for her shoes, embellished her skirt with bright elastic and....baby pom poms.  Her sequin necklace echoes Clover's dress, and I puffed up her bow and added some silk ribbon as well.

I also made the boy doll for Drummer, and he's already been well loved.  I planned to make a button up shirt for Drummer, but the dress kind of took on a life of its own as the details kept coming and coming.  Soon. ;)
And here's a little secret. The placement of the ice cream cone was intentional. I didn't quite line up the back waistband, so I sewed the ice cream on one side and I'll add a snap on the other. I think that's one of the exciting things about creating, when you have a moment that might appear to you as a mistake, it helps push your creativity a little bit further than you would normally. Turns out, I LOVE the ice cream cone flap.
So, go and grab a panel or two of these fun dolls and a bit of fabric.  The dolls are a quick, fun sew-up and the fabrics are just a delight to play with.  Thanks, Kate, for the chance to join in your Doll Fabric Tour!


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