18 March 2016

Happy In My Own Skin--Finally!

Ever since I can remember I have struggled with my skin.  Break outs.  Bleck.  I thought once I reached 20 that they would stop. Nope. Then I thought once I started having kids they would stop. Uh-uh. Then I thought once the wrinkles started, they couldn't possibly coexist. Wrong. My new wrinkles and old blemishes are fast friends. Quite content to be neighbors. So rude. It got to the point where I was wearing so much foundation. And to make things worse, I couldn't ever get the exact right shade. I finally broke down and went to a cosmetic store that will scan your skin and the computer will match you up with the correct shade.  So, the woman doing the scan showed me how to apply said foundation.  First, you apply moisturizer. Then comes the pre-foundation serum to fill in fine lines, followed by the foundation. Next comes the powder, and then you like like a flat, 2-dimensional doll, so she added some shading around my face.  I looked flawless.  But I was wearing a mask.
I was so disheartened at the thought of putting all that on each morning that it started to prevent me from getting ready at all. And we know if you don't get ready, the day is usually not very productive.  Plus, there aren't any groceries for dinner or the children's lunches. ;)  This was my state of mind when I started looking into Rodan & Fields because I had a friend, Candace, I followed on Instagram who was a consultant.  I contacted her and was immediately impressed with the company.  It was started by the 2 female dermatologists who created Proactiv, and since they made their fortune with that, all the profits go to charities to help inner city children to have a brighter future.  Originally I just wanted to use the product.  I'm not a fan of multi-level marketing and didn't want to get involved further than just making my skin look better.  But, as I talked with Candace, I realized this was a chance to help others who may have tried all the other products out there, both over-the-counter and prescription, without seeing any success. One morning, as I was putting on my mask of make-up, Pearl came in and asked, "Do you think people who tell you you're beautiful because of all the make-up you put on?" That's when I knew I needed to set a better example to my girls.

Now, I have only been using the products for 5 days, so I will not share my before and after photos with you...yet.  But, I will tell you that my skin is already feeling and looking better.  I even ventured out in public without foundation to go to lunch with some friends! 
Basically, there are 4 different regimens to target four types of skin: Reverse-for dark marks, Unblemish-for clearing blemishes, Soothe-for sensitive skin, and the flagship regimen Redefine-for wrinkles/fine lines. 
If you feel like you could fit into more than one category, you can take the little quiz here for a recommendation of which one(s) would be most beneficial for make your skin look years younger and give you that glow that people will wonder what you're up to. ;)
(If you didn't notice, I let the girls choose what they wanted to do for their individual poses ;)  I want these beautiful girls to have a mom who is happy in her own skin. Pun intended. They have seen how excited I am about these products already, and that they have a "business mom". Haha! I just started one of them on Unblemish, as she unfortunately inherited my skin. But the Soothe line can be used on children as well, for those with sensitivities, or after those days at the beach when the wind interfered with that spray-on sunscreen. ;)
What was a little confusing to me at first were the tools that will boost your results, kind of like a fast-forward button, to get to that happy ending sooner.
First is the Amp MD.  It's a roller for your face with teeny-tiny needles around it. My girls were especially intrigued by this one and I let them all feel it.  It's kind of like when your foot falls asleep and then tingles as the blood begins to recirculate.  It allows the product to get to deeper levels of skin instead of applying everything to that top layer that is dying or dead.
The second tool, I haven't used yet, and won't until I get my face completely clear, is the Macro Exfoliator. You only use this once a week, but you get professional results. (The proof is in the filter, full of your dull, dead skin cells! Bleck!)
Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, Ryan asked if it was too much to do. I laughed and told him I had been looking forward to doing my regimen all day.  Properly caring for your skin, and knowing that what you're doing is actually making a difference makes it enjoyable...actually fun!
My mom was concerned that I wouldn't have time for sewing. I assured her that I do! In fact, I had to sew Olive a bright green skirt for this photo shoot, so thus far, it's forced me to squeeze in some time at my sewing machine!
You want to see before and afters, though, don't you? Here are just a few.
Oh! I almost forgot to tell you! You can try any of the products (including the tools!!) for 60 days and if you don't see a difference, you can return the empty bottles for a full refund! Amazing, right? I can't wait to share my own before and after photos. Give me just a few more weeks. ;) Email me (nobigdillblog {at} gmail {d0t} com) if you want to try out any of the products, or if you're interested in joining Rodan & Fields. I'd be happy to chat with you either way! Here's to happy skin! :)


  1. I recommend that you try cutting wheat out of your diet to clear your skin. My husband had acne rosacea for years that cleared up within a month of going gluten-free. It is free and easy enough to try for a month.

    1. I've tried it all: the dairy-free, the gluten-free, the prescriptions, all the over-the-counter. :( I'm glad you found something so simple for your husband!

  2. I liked proactive. For some reason I got off a few years back. I've been up and down. I feel your pain. I tend to have a breakout freak fest when it hits on my chin area. It isn't always bad but when it is I just know it. It looks like they've updated their products since I used it. Maybe I'll give that a try. Good luck to you! Acne is so painful. I found your blog again. I looked at it several years back, recently had to find your skirt tutorial. ☺


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