31 March 2016

Fewer Toys, Happier (more creative!) Kids

I recently read this article about the benefits of children having a minimal amount of toys and haven't stopped thinking about it.  Ryan and I have always been on board with the philosophy of less is more, especially when it comes to toys, but it's easy to forget when you have a child who pines after something and you get to be the hero who comes to the rescue with said thing in hand.  Especially with that last child. It's been harder with Drummer than any of my girls because he's the only boy (they were used to hand-me-downs) and he's my last.  But I can already see the sense of entitlement building.  I've recommitted to "forcing boredom," and I haven't been disappointed.  Children will surprise us and rise to the occasion, in my 14 years of child-rearing experience. ;)  I found this foraging basket in the yard this morning and it made my heart happy...although, that moss will be replanted.   
I loved the part about less fighting.  I'm hoping that one really works. :) I'll keep you posted.

Adults aren't an exception, by the way.  I think we also need to learn to do more with less.  It exercises our creativity. This commitment to not buying any new clothes is much easier than I thought.  Of course it's only been 3 months, but there have been very few wants and needs.  Ryan accidentally bought some Easter clothes for the kids and he had to return them without me looking so I wouldn't be tempted to keep them, haha.


  1. Wait -- your husband bought your kids clothes?! Really, truly?! Fascinating.

  2. Lovely share! I think my mother raised me right. And I am very pleasantly surprised my only-2 year old has become so creative with his box of simple Duplos (not the newer fancy shapes). Grad school budgets have a way of making this easier.

  3. This is so true for my mission I bought two skirts and four tops and brought a few things I had already...and I swear I had more outfits than any other sister because I had to be creative with less...and my suitcases were the lightest😉


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