07 April 2016

The Most Beautiful Love Story: The Sashiko

Once upon a time there was a woman who loved to quilt.  Each quilt she made was quilted by hand, stitch by stitch.  Up and down her needle would go.  She loved the thread-space-thread-space-thread-space pattern that she created, sometimes evenly spaced, and sometimes not so even.  She was married to a man who loved her very much.  He didn't mind her fabric scraps lying around, or the bits of thread he would find on his jacket when he went out.  They reminded him of his love.  By and by the couple grew older.  Their bodies didn't work quite as well as they once did, and the woman found that she was unable to quilt by hand like she used to.  Her mind didn't stop creating quilts, but her hands couldn't make them happen.  This made the man sad, to see his wife deprived of such joy.  He decided to invent a machine that would replicate that stitch-space-stitch-space-stitch pattern his wife loved so well.  And he did.  And they lived happily ever after.
Isn't that just the most romantic love story you've ever heard?  I may have taken liberties in embellishing, but that is the gist of how the Baby Lock Sashiko came to be. 
When I first witnessed what it did, I could not believe my eyes!  But...wait...what...how...in the world? Right?!
But it's true!  Take a look-see for yourself!
You can adjust the space between the stitches and the length of the stitches to get just the right look for your project.
And!  Get this.  There.  Is.  Only.  A.  Bobbin thread.  Just a bobbin!  No top thread to change out when you want to change colors!
Has your mind starting turning with all the projects you could make with this?  
I can't wait to share with you what I've made with my Sashiko so far.  All your sewing friends will want to come over to your house when you have a Sashiko sitting in your sewing room. ;)
ps this is what the back looks like...


  1. LOVE that you shared my favorite sewing story of all :-) You rock, girl!!! <3

  2. Firstly sweetest story ever, and secondly: OH MY WOW that is incredibly cool!!

  3. It was a delight to read this post. I tested this machine at an expo. What fun it is! You are very fortunate to have one. I look forward to to seeing what you meant.

  4. thank for this wonderful post!so cute story that i almost cried!you can read my articles if you want https://kovla.com/blog/how-to-find-and-meet-a-girlfriend-online/ here!enjoy


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