11 February 2016

Nightgown Pattern-Single Purchase!

The Night Before Nightgown pattern is now available for single purchase!  I wanted to wait until I had a picture of all the girls in their nightgowns, because, well, how cool would that be.  But with three different school times, various practices, games, and classes on Saturday, it's just never happened.  Maybe this week. (Although I've said that every week since the beginning of January.) 

To kick off my first pattern,  I'm selling it for $5 for the rest of the day.  After that it will stay at $8.  

Where?  I dusted off the old Etsy shop and refreshed my listings skills here. Go me. ;) 

Meanwhile, I've been doing some more sewing and even more thinking and have...a challenging proposal for tomorrow's post, so come back to find out what I plan to do and if you're brave (or crazy) enough to join me.  Happy sewing!

PS The double gauze I used comes from Imagine Gnat's shop, here, and is so much fun to sew with. It would make the most amazing receiving blankets, or burp cloths, or lounging pants, or maxi skirts....you get the idea. :)

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