22 January 2016

Watch Out Winter Storm!

It's been chilly here.  You northern, snow-dwelling people might laugh, but I think my blood is as thin as water, having lived in warmer climates for almost 15 years now.  
photo: Ashley Baker
We received a down comforter for our wedding, almost 16 years ago, and we pull it out for a few night's sleep each year, and that's only because we don't turn the master room heat on.  At all.
photo: Olivia Knudsen
It's mainly my feet that have such a hard time warming up, which wasn't a problem when I could just warm them up on Ryan's legs in bed.  But the thing is, Ryan got us a "number" bed, and so we have to sleep on our sides because of the two different settings.  I know.  Boo hoo, Katy.  
photo: Ashley Baker
So!  I went to Pearl's closet and found one of the corn bags I made years ago.  I warmed it up in the microwave and enjoyed that radiating heat through all of Madam Secretary and beyond, into sweet slumber. 
I just thought I'd tell those preparing for the cold weekend, you may want to whip some up for those little limbs that come in from making snowmen, and to pre-warm those cold beds.  Here's my post for bags with corn, and here's my original tutorial for the little hand warmers with rice.
photo: Ashley Baker
Stay warm!!
photo: Krisanne Knudsen


  1. I know this post is about corn bags, but I'm blown away by the gorgeous pictures! You have very talented and artistic sisters and sisters-in-law. ^_^

  2. Oh perfect! I made flannel pajamas for my girls for Christmas, and I was wondering what to do with all the leftover scraps of flannel! Rice and/or corn bags will work!

  3. Your comment about the rabbits on your corn bag post!! Haha!! And now who loves them?! :D

    1. I know, right?! I had to go back and find what you were talking about. They're still stinky, though. ;)

  4. I use those under my feet at the sewing machine!


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