17 February 2016

Name This Series!

First of all, thank you for the great response to my first pattern.  It's one thing to sew something up for one of my kids, but it's a whole 'nother bucket of ice cream for you guys to want to sew something I've created.  So, thank you.
I promised my big announcement, and then sat here in silence.  Well, not silence, because it's never silent around here except when everyone is asleep.  I guess I've been hesitant to announce it because once you tell someone, they'll hold you to it, ha.  There really is power in support groups.
I've decided to give up a year of buying new clothes for myself and my children!  You read that right.  I even just spent a weekend in New York and didn't give in to buying a single thing for them or myself.  What got me through is Grayline Linen.  Hands down my favorite fabric place in New York, because linen.
So, what does this entail?  I will be altering existing clothes and making new clothes, and I haven't decided if I'll permit clothes from Second hand shops.  Thoughts?  I have received some clothes given by a friend that my girls have picked a few things out. I've decided donated clothes are okay.  I'm also thinking of excluding underwear...and socks, of course.  
So far, almost two months in, I've made a few things.  Drummer needed some pants (that kid is getting taller by the second!) and this Valentine outfit for Clover.  I asked her if she'd like something out of this striped knit and she got busy drawing me what she wanted.  Very particular, down to the directionality of the stripes: she wanted stripes going up and down for the dress and sideways for the leggings. Never short of opinions around here.
I decided to do "knee patches" up the side and one tucked in the pocket just for fun.  I used a Megan Nielsen pattern, which I've never used before and they came out perrrrrrrrfectly!  (pst...they're on sale, too!) So many times leggings will be baggy on my girls, but these were just right.  There were very clear instructions and they were so simple.  I serged the whole pair up in minutes on my lovely Babylock serger, which I've yet to properly introduce, so stay tuned for that one.  She's such a beauty!
The top pattern came from the summer issue of Ottobre 2014.  Instead of doing ribbing around the neck, I found some lacy-like elastic and used my double needle to attach it. Instructions without pictures makes my mind work harder than it normally does, but I'm pleased with how they came out.  And so is Clover, which is more important. 
For the patches, since it's a bit tricky to work with knit on knit, I used an iron-on adhesive that provides stability to everything doesn't try to pucker up like a mouth full of lemon juice. ;)
Want to join my no-buy year?
  • Commit to covering your eyes when you walk past the clothing section at Target.  You can't buy what you can't see...unless you have some sort of super power.
  • Take an inventory of the clothes you and your children (and your husband, if he's willing to join) and alter or repair what is worth saving.
  • Since you will be making everything for the year, you will more likely only make what is truly needed, instead of buying something because it was on sale.
  • Get your kids involved to make it more fun.  Use their designs.  Add messages or interactive elements to some of the items.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.  If you normally only sew with woven fabric, try knit!  Learn something you've always been hesitant to try, a new method like a welted pocket or an invisible zipper.  Maybe grommets or snaps
  • Begin to whittle down that fabric stash...so you can buy more!  I've realized that my tastes change over time, and that once coveted piece of fabric isn't my style anymore.  I was afraid ever to cut into it, but then I didn't really care for it anymore. So, use it up: cut, cut, cut! sew, sew, sew! 
  • Tag me on instagram (@nobigdillkaty) on things you've made this year for a chance to be featured...maybe with some prize benefits. ;)
What else?  This series needs a name and a hashtag, of course ;).  I thought it would be fun to open it up to you for your ideas.

  • Either email me at nobigdillblog | at | gmail | dot | com (some people have mentioned they aren't able to leave comments, and I'll work on that) or leave a comment of your ideas for a title and/or hashtag.  
  • If you've got some design skills, budding or developed, email me a logo along with it.
  • I'll choose a name as soon as something appeals to me, or perhaps I'll narrow it down to a few and put it for a vote.
Are we crazy excited like Clover?! Or am I just crazy?  Just as we have become so removed from our food, I think so many people don't realize how involved it is to sew something to wear.  You'll have photos of your kids wearing something you made!  I don't think I've ever heard someone say, "Look at this photo of me, wearing a t-shirt from Target my mom bought me." Haha!
I am really looking forward to this.  A challenge I'm hoping to follow through for the whole year.  Reassure me that I'm not crazy.  Pearl has already asked for a pair of jeans.  Yikes.  We have the darndest time finding jeans that fit her properly, usually the length.  

Also, I never realized how long Clover's tongue was until now.


  1. Love the idea and Clover's outfit! I don't have the skills to sew pants that fit properly or that can outlast the school playground. Or bra making skills. Ha. But I can commit to using up The Stash and not buying tops or skirts for the girls or dresses for me. Baby steps, right? Will comment later if I think of a catchy name.

  2. Love this idea. I'm not sure I can commit for all my children (some of them are in that dreaded teenage stage...) but I'll definitely commit for myself and the children I dress. Whew, that feels crazy!
    How about one of these names:
    No Big Fashion, No Big Wardrobe, No Big Consumer or Really Big Dill?

  3. I love this. It's a beautiful and courageous adventure. I would call it: 'Make My Year' or 'Bye, Bye, Buy'

  4. I love this idea. My kids love it when I give them options in things I make for them. So why not give them lots of ideas. I probably can't commit to a whole year, but this does make me think more deliberately in what I do purchase. Do I already have something I can fix/make do with? Do I really need that shopping trip or can I learn to me more content with what I already have? You could always name it "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!" Maybe that should just go on my wall. :)

  5. I vote yes for thrifting. My mom used to take us thrifting, and it became such a fun hobby. You could make it structured, like child x gets to spend x amount of dollars this month at the thrift store, and next month the next child, or whatever. Or they can only spend the money they've earned, or as soon as they finish some long term goal they can spent x dollars thrifting. Such a fun treasure hunt and a great way to learn to stretch a dollar! I've gotten pretty good at not buying anything new, and it's empowering to walk into Target and pass by everything I don't need and just get what I do need. Now someone needs to train me to do this in Costco with new & interesting food items ;)...

  6. Oh for a name... hmmm. "Handmade holiday"? "Year of no consumer remorse" haha just kidding... "Sticking it to the man" ... kidding again

  7. Oh for a name... hmmm. "Handmade holiday"? "Year of no consumer remorse" haha just kidding... "Sticking it to the man" ... kidding again

  8. Such a cool idea! I can't sew though so I'll have to pass.
    My name idea: Why buy? Go and sew!

  9. That Clover has such a great personality! She's just adorable!!!
    So, last year, I kinda did the same thing. I did not buy any "new" clothes for myself; either handmade or second-hand store only! Only thing is, I didn't really sew for myself - I just kept wearing the same old clothes!!! So, 2016, I say I SEW!!!
    I'm looking forward to see what you end up calling it. Alas, I'm not good at coming up with slogans or logos. Good luck on your endeavor - and can't wait to see all that you sew!

  10. I love this!! I already kind of do it, without the 1,000 other people making me stick to it part ;) Definitely include thrifting though, thrifting is so fun!
    My name idea? #byebuygosew2016

  11. Cute cute cute!! I would love to say I would join you in the no buying clothes...however I have been running and losing weight and training for a marathon!! Down 30lbs so far and my cclothes and undergarments no longer fit!! I have taken in some things as best I can, but there is only so much a girl can do!!! I only bought three pairs of jeans and will wait till they can be no longer winches in before I buy more!!!

  12. Eeee she is so cute! #nonewduds ;)

  13. Oh, this is a great idea! I'm hoping to sew some koko skinny jeans (by Blaverry - I probably spelled that wrong) this week for my 11 year old... she's picky so we'll see how they go! This is a great idea.

  14. I love this so much. What a great blog you have!

  15. A great goal for the year indeed! Passing by the Target clothing section is one of my biggest challenges in life LOLOLOL...... I did this with Dottie Angel one year and it was so h a r d but so worth it! The linen is gorg and that magazine is everything.. Well done on your pattern launch! I like Michelle's comments- #stickingittotheman ha. XO

  16. I would...but I am losing weight, so I will be buying clothes. I could commit to not going into any antique store for a year....but that won't happen either.

  17. I really, really want to participate. However, can it just be for me? I think that keeping up with my growing children (although I only have two) is going to be too much of a challenge. It is a lovely idea and I can't wait to participate. It will go great with Raegunramblings Sew Our Stash challenge as well. Shall I suggest some hashtags? #SayNoToShopping #SewDontShop #JustSewNoShop

  18. I join you from The Netherlands! I had also committed to this goal a couple of months ago :-).

  19. Great idea! I highly recommend the Small Fry skinny jeans pattern by titchy threads. Easy to sew, incredibly cute. I made a size five with size 6 length for my very tall niece and they fit great.

  20. Great project! And I love brainstorming titles...

    Sew Big or Go Home #sewbigorgohome
    Make Do Sew 2016 #makedosew2016
    Make Fix Sew 2016 #makefixsew2016
    Shop-Free Clothes #shopfreeclothes2016
    Make Clothes Not Sales #clothesnotsales2016

  21. Great idea and really ambitious. Would be for me, at least. A name? How about "No buy fashion" #NoBuyFashion ? Really looking forward to seeing all your creations.

  22. oh wow. Go Katy! I laughed when you addressed socks and underwear, because that was honestly my first thought! :) hmm...name ideas- maybe "Sew it all," "Stitch it all," "Sew Fashionable," "Sewn Big Dill," Good luck!

    1. ok, for some reason I am still thinking about this! It's funny what my brain focuses on sometimes! I thought of, "A Year in/of Stitches," or "Stitch a/My Year."

  23. I love this idea! I'm not joining in because I had a baby in January and it's taking me a week just to make burp cloths so I can't imagine how long clothes would take. I do try to buy most of my kids' clothes at the resale shop. I can't wait to see what all you make and check the hashtag! Maybe it can be my goal for next year!

  24. I am joining this, actually I was thinking about something similar, as I cannot stand unethical fast fashion, its high price and non-existing quality compared, but I still need supply of clothes, because my son is three years old, and that requires piles of clean t-shirts, pants, onepieces, shorts, name it, once or twice a day...
    And I like clothes myself, specially untypical pieces, and although I usually don't sew for myself, this time I finally could...
    Good luck, and let us know about the title!


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