08 October 2015

Identical Sugar, Unique Children

I used to think I was good at basketball.  Probably because nobody told me I wasn't until high school when I tried out for the freshman team and didn't even make first cut. I think that's when I stopped playing. The other day some of the kids asked if we could go over to the church and play basketball. It was 2 and a half against 2, with huge discrepancy in size and ability, but we had so much fun. We laughed and joked and didn't even keep score. I didn't need to have Varsity Basketball Team on my resum√©.

It reminds me of little kids who say they're artists. We all are, in a sense, good at creating something. But, there comes a defining moment when somebody tells us that our creation isn't as good as someone else's. Or we don't even try to make our own, we just look around and do what everyone else is doing. I was so proud of my kids when we did this little project, building Mormon temples out of sugar cubes and frosting. We previously did these with a group of about 40 kids and they all looked pretty similar. But, when my girls (and Drummer) went to town on the sugar, with the occasional one in the mouth, they all had their own view. I don't know that I can necessarily attribute that to parenting, but somehow we've raised very opinionated and unique children. They're all sugar and spice, but different recipes were used with each one. I hope they never get told that they're not artistic, or if they do, they'll look them in the eye, and tell them that's just crazy talk. I can see it going either way. ;)


  1. This is a nice reflection. I (53 yo) go to the park to play basket ball with my only child (son 11) and we laugh till we can't play anymore. In years to come they won't remember the score but the laughs had while being together. I love the sugar temples!

  2. Nice idea the sugar buildings, I will test it next time for my daughter's birthday: architecture competition!!!! I am sure kids will love it!

  3. It's the best, right? Even if nobody is making any baskets-especially when nobody is making baskets. haha!


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