19 October 2015

Four Corners (aka the fabric of my dreams)

I am so excited and pretty proud of my girls, Elizabeth and liZ, you know the Simple Simon babes. They're always scheming and working and doing fun things.  I'd like to sit in on one of their planning lunches.  These days they're designing fabric!
This is from their Riley Blake Four Corners line.  And when I saw there was black and white with crosses all over, well, i couldn't resist. Can you stand it?! I washed this fabric and then all the possibilities flowed through my mind, like too many ice cream flavors at the ice cream shop.  How could I just choose ONE
Clover was the happy recipient, lucky girl.  She's the one who sets out her outfit the night before, and gives great thought and attention to her ensembles, so I put my faith in her that this fantastic fabric would get the care and appreciation it deserved.
I paired it with black and gold denim and some just-right glass buttons.  
I was momentarily tempted to do all the topstitching in gold to match the gold crosses, but thought, in the end, that there was already so much fantastic-ness going on with the fabric pattern.  I did squeeze a tiny bit in on the back, though. ;)
I used Burda 9491 for the pattern and only altered the length, bringing down the hemline a few inches and added the cuff with the gathered hem.  I remember having a red, short, sailor-esque jumpsuit when I was about Clover's age.  
It was my absolute favorite because I only had to put on one thing.  Less time dressing, more time playing.  Now, it's less time dressing, more time sewing, ha!
AND, I have a bit leftover.  It will be fun to use it as an accent fabric on things.  Lots of things. ;)
What my photo shoots really look like:
and this.
It is an absolute joy to photograph this girl.

Congratulations and thanks for the amazing fabric, Elizabeth and liZ!!


  1. Darling little outfit and model! Great job!

  2. Oh my gosh Katy! I love this so so much. You are fantastical!!!!

  3. Love, love, love it!!! I wish I had your attention to detail!!!

  4. Beautiful fabric! And the jumpsuit is much better balanced with a longer hem :-)


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