23 October 2015

Idle Wild Meets the Cocoon Dress

Friends who design fabric are good friends to have, especially when you love sewing as much as I do.  Fabric is happy mail, but fabric that was cooked up by friends, that's happier mail.
I got to sample some of the Pattern Anthology girl's new line with Riley Blake: Idle Wild. I'm pretty sure that they made several in black and white just for me ;)
It is SO soft.  Even the dog agrees (I haven't introduced you to Scout here, yet, but for those who follow me on instagram, you get a great deal of documentation of our furry friend.)  Scout likes to lay on my fabric whenever I spread it on the ground to prep for cutting pattern pieces.  She thinks I lay a "red carpet" wherever I am for her. 
I spread this on the floor and she immediately circled and laid down.  I laughed and grabbed another piece of fabric.  She got up, circled it and then went back to this.  It was so hilarious.  She wouldn't move until I took another piece of Idle Wild (the ones with the birds) and she thought that was an acceptable substitute.  This is some seriously soft stuff.
I used the Cocoon dress pattern from The Sew What Club made by Groovy Baby and Mama.  It's a very easy piece to sew, with a fun round shaped, although you could always just bring it straight down.  You don't even finish the edges of the sleeve ruffles.
It has a high-low hem that looks great with or without leggings.  I think I'll need to make them for all my girls (the sizes are from 2-12!)  No buttons (read:buttonholes), zippers, or other closures.  Easy for you, easy for her.
I actually have one cut out for Azure, hers has the birds on it.  I'll be sewing it up lickety-split later on today.  You could also shorten this into a shirt.  Now I'm just thinking aloud for all to hear how my brain works. ;)
It's even comfy enough, both fabric and pattern, for Olive to still do her ballet poses, which is of great importance to an 11 year-old ballerina.
Getting ready for her first solos in the Nutcracker this year has us all excited!
Thanks for the awesome Idle Wild fabric, ladies! And check out the latest patterns on Sew What Club.  My design will debut in December!!


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