15 September 2015

Jamberry Scoop

I took Olive to the nail salon (is that what they're called?) to get pedicures for her birthday.  I know I should do it more often, but I have a hard time finding a time without any kids and spending the money.  And they always charge me more than what's listed because my feet are so much work.  Haha!  After we had finished playing with the massage chair and gotten our final topcoats, the sweet Vietnamese woman asked if we were getting our nails done as well.  I thanked her and said not today.  Then I saw her steal a glance at my short, poor, naked, fingernails, uneven, with cuticles crawling up each one, dry skin and stained from life as a maker and creator.  It's true, they needed attention, but I couldn't bring myself to spending the extra time and money.

So, that brings us to Jamberry. Have you resisted? I understand. Just another fad that will fade. But, I hope it doesn't, and I don't think it will. Let me tell you my morning story. 
As Ryan was running out the door, he said that the garage door guy was coming to fix it before 10. Sure thing. I got myself up and ready, then got Azure and Clover up, ready, and off to school. Next was the middle school girls. By now it's 9 o'clock. I'm trying to decide if I have time to get my nails done before garage man comes. Sure, why not. I get my Jamberrys out and begin applying. I always start with my right hand because then the left hand seems so easy ;). After the wraps were on, I thought I'd try out the TrūShine gel enamel kit that you can apply either on top of nail polish, or on top of the wraps. There are two coats that get a 45 second cure under an LED lamp. Done. I cleaned them off, washed my hands, still no garage guy. I go straight into the kitchen and do the dishes. I get interrupted by Scout who wants some attention, so I run around and scratch her behind the ears. I decide to start some laundry, and while I'm at it, I might as well wash my sheets and quilt that someone wiped their dirty face on. Still no garage guy. I take pictures of my nails around the house and then set up my computer to edit photos.  Finally! Garage guy comes at 9:55! 
So, what does this long story have to do with my nails? There is no dry time, and I can get straight to working on what needs to be done and they look amazing. I don't have dog hair indentations or fuzz from carrying laundry. No chipping, like my toenails already are...which, as it turns out, you can use Jamberrys on toes as well! Let me break it down, because I know there are questions:


  • They're easy to apply
  • There is a huge selection (see below)
  • There is no dry time
  • They are less expensive than a manicure
  • There is no chipping
  • The TrūShine gel enamel kit makes them last even longer and look more professional


  • I've found that the only con is my nails need to take a break between wraps, but I also find that with regular nail polish, on both my toenails and my fingernails, too, so it's not just exclusive to the wraps.

Do you like choices? ;) These are just the colored pages.  There are a bunch of neutrals (ie black & white ;) too!  They also have junior sizes for little girls. There are also very subtle wraps, like clear with tiny white dots or lace. If you like the look of a French manicure, they've got those, too! Or if you're wanting just a traditional manicure look, solids are available (or ombré, or sparkle, or flat finish, or bold, or patterned....you get the idea.) If you can't decide, they're buy 3, get one free! 
So, want to try them out? Hop on over to Megan's website and when you check out, use NoBigDillJams for your party name (I get a bit of credit for every purchase.) Megan can answer any other questions you might have. AND if you're not happy with your Jamberry nails, you can return them within 30 days for a FULL refund, so they're pretty confident you'll love them. 

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