28 August 2011

First Clothed

Thank you for the labor-inducing advice!  There were a few I hadn't heard before ;)

While I'm on the subject of birth, some of you have asked if I've written the birth stories of each of my girls.  I haven't, and ought to, but I have written down two of them in this space.  Did you know Pearl was born in the car?  The very car I still drive?  She was my castor oil smoothie baby.  Yes, castor oil works, when your body is ready.  It was the most violent birth I've had and have no desire to repeat it.  You can read it here and see the most adorable pictures of Pearl as a baby. I still love telling that story :).
a few loverlies I picked from the yard after I found out my iron was up
My most beautiful and peaceful birth was Clover's.  I was 11 days over, but I couldn't have asked for something more serene, smooth, and sweet.  You can read that one here.
A few days ago I began to slightly panic that if this is a boy he'll have nothing to wear, which is silly because I've gone through this 5 times before and you don't need much more than a diaper and onesies the first few weeks of their life anyway.  But then I began to think what a sacred and precious thing it is, the act of dressing a baby the first time.  This soul that has been sent to us, naked and needing everything from us, from me.  Clothing the naked came to mind as I prepared a few onesies to be filled with a body that has been growing in my body, who snuggles down and gets more comfortable as I type this.  Seeing that indelibly marked due date in my mind's rear view mirror isn't the easiest,  but I am trying to savor the kicks and jolts of this baby dill grand finale, because soon I will have to share my little heater with lots of hands and hearts. 


  1. Dear Katy,
    I was pregnant myself for 43 looong weeks. Yup. In USA, mind you, where 'term' for some reason is 40 weeks, while medical textbooks say 37-42 weeks. I was refusing medical induction, while tried probably all known old-wiwe tales trying to induce labor naturally. I think, I counted more than twenty of them... just ask if you need a list:) haha...
    Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a smooth delivery and a perfectly healthy baby (no big dill, if some of us bakes them longer, right?)

  2. I completely agree w/Wool . . . no big dill if this little one waits until s/he's ready . . . of course Mama, Dad and the little dills want to meet the new arrival as soon as possible . . . so sending prayers for you to have an easy labour and delivery! :)

  3. So excited for you- hopefully that babe comes soon!!

  4. I don't know what these "birth vibes" are people always talk about, but If I figure it out I'll send you some!x

  5. Ohhh it´s so beautiful....i´m missing my "pregnant time"
    My english is so bad....sorry

  6. I loved reading both birth stories!
    Thinking of you~



  7. Good luck, girl! I'm nearing 39 weeks and am scheduled for a repeat c-section on Sept. 6th. I'm hoping I go into labor prior to then so I can go for a VBAC, but what will be will be :-). I'm sure he/she will be here soon - can't wait to hear all about it!


  8. I loved reading this! So beautiful! I esp. love that you wrote about how the naked baby is sent to us & WE clothe the baby & they need everything from us! SO beautiful!

    I'm due with my third girl in Sept. and I've done my other births naturally in a hospital (I dream of a water birth but none around me & no birthing centers either :( such a bummer but I'm grateful to be able to give birth vaginally & naturally! I'm so scared of c-sections.

    I love reading your birth stories! Esp. Clover's birth story of how its amazing that to us they may be "late" but they come when they are ready and when our body is ready. & Our bodies deff know what to do in the situation. So amazing!!

    Plus, I LOVE that you wrote the due date has come and gone but we should cherish the jolts and kicks of the baby before we have to share the baby with everyone else! Thats a major thing I love about having babies is that we have this little secret treasure inside us until they arrive and then we can share them with everyone.

    I hope you enjoy the last weeks of your little dill in thee womb until he/she comes into the world! &you get another beautiful water birth! Easy, safe, &quick labor & delivery! I'm excited for what your going to name him/her! I love your girls names! I so wanted a Pearl! (But family has issues with a family member named that..but I get to kinda have it this time around my daughter to be's name means Pearl I love Pearls!

    Karin Marie :)

  9. I had one that was 16 days overdue. She was born half grown! I like to think she just didn't want to be apart from me. At age 30, she still seems to enjoy my company and I her's.

    Happy birthing!

  10. Katy dear! I've been out of blogland for a while, just trying to keep my head above water with my new three- but i've been checkin back quickly here and there to make sure your little bundle hasn't arrived just yet. I hate to say i'm sure it's my fault you are still waiting- i guessed Aug 31st and at this point i'm sure you will be glad if i'm right:O) so glad that your iron is back up and praying for a smooth & sweet delivery.

  11. My last baby was born in our van. What an exciting experience that was. We just sold that van last month & while I was thrilled to be rid of it, it was bittersweet. I hope you have a wonderful birth story to share very soon.

  12. Katie, this idea of clothing others as a divine act really resonates with me. I learned recently that women in the early days of the church would hand sew the temple garments. What a beautiful ritual--sewing and then clothing others in sacred garments. I was also reading the story of Adam and Eve in the bible the other day, and what is the last and deeply divine thing that God does before he sends them off into the wilderness? He clothes them. I can see how this is similar to the divine act of clothing a new child who has come into the world.

  13. And I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong! I know it's Katy, but I was really excited by your blog post and wasn't thinking straight. ;)


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