29 August 2011

NEO: A Recap

I've had so much fun creating my Never Enough Orange Sewing Studio.  I was looking back at some of the projects I did and thought I would post a recap before I reveal the whole room tomorrow.
This seemed to be a favorite of lots of you.  It still makes me happy to use my orange glass head pins, and I have more beads I just picked up to add to the collection.
I think it's the bias around the edge that I love so much about this project.  Homemade bias makes everything better, no?
I've mostly just used what I already had to put this room together, but acquiring my orange iron, well, just call me spoiled.  I was so excited to find out a good quality orange iron existed, and now we steam it up together ;).
Part of the charm of personalizing any space, whether it's at home, school, or work, is including pieces that remind you of family.  I love this vintage picture that just happens to look like Clover, as well as the art pieces my girls did to put on the cupboard doors.
I haven't been a very serious seamstress lately because I haven't used my ham much, but I'm hoping that will change once I start sewing for myself again.  I have a hard time putting a lot of work into a piece of clothing that will get such limited use.  I did make a few maternity items during my previous pregnancies, but knowing this will be our last one, I haven't wanted to.
This is one of my favorites, especially with the plastic marble at the end of it.  I don't even have to measure something--just looking at it makes me happy.  I'm a sewing nerd I guess :).
This little aprons are wrinkled with use now--just how they should be.
I've yet to see a better compliment to my personalized pins than this sweet felted cupcake!
The Flor tiles really bring the whole room together.  Plus, they are really nice to sit on instead of tile when my work takes me to the floor ;).
Working with what I already had on hand, and spending a few pennies on fabric and paint, there were a whole lot of things that got a quick makeover. 
This isn't the end of Never Enough Orange Projects, but I will share those as they come.  Thank you for indulging me and my affinity for orange :).  

Come back tomorrow for the great reveal!


  1. AMAZING. I cannot tell a lie - I am putting money on the fact that between now and the big reveal that you are going to go have your little peanut and we will NEVER KNOW what the whole thing looks like! (I will state, however, that I think it would be a perfectly legit and wonderful excuse not to show us!).

    Have a splendid day!

  2. I'm on pins and needles. Can't wait.

  3. Excited for the NEO event. Excited for the baby event also.

  4. i've got tears in my eyes. again. maybe it's a sign. maybe i'm pregnant. no, i forgot, i'm old. read bonnie hunter's post on celebrating 30 yrs of marriage, tears. can't wait for your dill type and the big reveal. i have a orange couch, i have a 1970'se really orange couch. i've always loved it....

  5. so katy....can I just say, I do miss you!! I'm excited for your new arrival. We got our little girl in June(I will say girls are more fun then I thought.) I am thinking you will have a boy though. They too are really fun. I can't wait!!

  6. I love the artwork! You are seriously nesting! Can't wait to meet the newest Dill! Is your iron doing what it needs to?

  7. Do you really mean that there's only one more sleep to wait???


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