27 August 2011

40 Weeks

No baby yet.  It seems I start off all my communications with that bit of information. 
Probably because that is the most common question I get these days, from strangers to family.
 I don't mind.  The lady at Costco told me not to load anything from my cart onto the belt (I was loading up because I really don't like to go grocery shopping after a new baby is born, or ever for that matter).
 Then she changed her mind and said, maybe you should load everything by yourself!
 Maybe I should have.  I just laughed and let her do it.

We are taking plenty of walks, though. 
 They say that helps induce labor.
 Who are "they" anyway, because I need to tell them to stop telling women that because it's not true.
I do believe that walking is perfect for women already in labor, but those who've yet entered those gates, it gets you nowhere, except somewhere you just need to walk home from.
Oh well.  My midwife, Hope, always puts me at ease, telling me my body will do this.  And I believe her.  Also, my iron went from 9.1 to 10.9 in 4 days.  I started crying when she told me.  Partly hormones, but mostly gratitude for tender mercies, prayers, and personal miracles.  
With Ryan back in town, the kids back at school, the August birthdays wrapped up, and the bypass of Hurricane Irene, this baby can come now.


  1. You last line may be why the baby is waiting - for the right time. Did you get a pedicure? Mine always came when my toes were ready. Must have pretty feet to deliver (though for baby # 2, I gave birth at home in a tub and I couldn't see my feet through the water - I guess the truth was my belly was huge and I couldn't see my size 10s anyway). Good luck and good thoughts!

  2. I am beyond curious to find out if it will be a boy or girl. I guess I'm joining the ranks with everyone else in this :) Goodluck to you!

  3. I know how ya' feel. I was 42 weeks with baby #2 and I couldn't call anyone w/o them thinking I was in labor. The first thing I always said was "no baby!"...haha! Sounds like you have a good attitude about it ;) I love your comments about the walking. I tried many of the old wives tales (except castor oil - couldn't bear the side effects) and none of them ever worked! Baby will come when baby is ready...I'm anxiously awaiting the big news and to hear a great birth story....just like the rest of the world :)

  4. I was totally thinking Irene had got you guys, I don't really get it when the news says east cost, or west coast, I'm just not a geographical person.
    I tried a bit of reverse phycology on my baby guess way back when, just hoping babies were smart to that kind of thing.
    Good luck!xxx

  5. I DREAD that question!

    Seriously, hang in there! Even after the 5th baby, I had to tell people I was a locked vault. They never seemed to believe me?

  6. Praying for you and your growing baby bump and the rest of your Dill clan!

  7. you're the pro on having babies, but i have to say that in my experience, what put me into labor was:

    -rich food (homemade sage & mushroom ravioli)
    -trying to turn the baby (he was facing the wrong direction)
    -being out in the hot hot texas heat
    -watching doctor who

  8. I hope baby comes soon for you! I will be 40 weeks on Monday and absolutely no sign of labor starting yet either...I am anxious like you to know if this one is a boy or a girl and the waiting is getting so hard!! Good luck when that baby decides the time is right!!

  9. Good luck in the home stretch.Babies always do their own thing, huh?!

  10. oh, i was two weeks late with my 7th baby... blah! (I was finally induced, but had a beautiful, natural delivery.) Good Luck!! Can't wait to meet the new little pickle!

  11. I've been hearing the same question for more than a month now...I've had some complications that have had us scared about a very early delivery...but we've made it a long time (longer than the doctors expected) and even though they are taking her Thursday that is the first thing everyone asks when they talk to me, "No baby yet?"

    Good luck with the delivery and the baby. What a magical time it is.

  12. Your last line is EXACTLY why your new baby hasn't arrived yet, so it shouldn't be long now! I just had my second on Thursday (how you've had more than that AMAZES me) and she was 3 days late. But, she waited for my mom to arrive, for our new house to come through and all our other worries to disappear before she made her appearance. Such a blessing for this mama.

    Best wishes to you for an easy delivery and a healthy baby!

  13. Good luck Katy! I love your midwife's name x

  14. We have 5 babes, and the best thing I hear (or at least easiest for me to "swallow" when it came to labor advice) was eat fresh pineapple....supposedly something in it can trigger labor (ha). Just in case you needed an excuse to eat some....it's one of my faves {;0)

  15. I like the pineapple suggestion.
    That's a new one. Maybe pineapple/castor oil smoothie?!
    Just kidding!

  16. And your midwife is so right. You have proven before (5 times I believe) your body knows what to do. I'm sending birth vibes your way!

  17. I was wondering just this morning how your iron levels were ~ thank-you for the update!!
    Praying for another perfect birth experience for you and your sweet baby dill.

  18. You were made to do this, friend! He/she will come at just the right time. In the meantime, there are things you can do to naturally induce labor, but you probably already know all of those tricks.

    He or she? He or she? I just can't wait to know!

  19. I'm glad you guys are safe! Gorgeous cactus blooms.
    No 40 picture of you? I'm sure you're totally adorable. Please share a final pic before you push that baby out!

  20. Im so curious to see what you are going to have!!!! Can u guess why???:)))
    I hear ya on the walking..it never did anything for me either just make me more tired!!! My first girl waited for two weeks after my due date...i did ALOT of walking in them two weeks and nope nada!!!!!
    Good luck on your delivery and hope you have a smooth, easy delivery!!!

  21. Want to talk about something else for a minute? ;)

    It looks like Clover is about to pass up in Azure in size, any second, here! At least she has OTHER older sisters to get hand-me downs from!

    Hope you have a week full of blessings.

  22. come on baby! tonight is a perfect night!! so happy for you guys!!

  23. Georgine--I think that's the perfect excuse for a pedicure!

    Leigh Anne--I have tried castor oil. That baby was born in the car.

    kelly--haven't watched dr who...that one just might be the trick!

    liZ--good luck to YOU!

    Sarah--I had some this very morning! It's one the easier things to try, though ;)

    Klungseths--she has passed her up in girth and weight, just a matter of height now! :)

  24. Last night I had dream about your baby: you have born a girl (again!))) and you gave her the name of Irene...)
    Thank you for so interseting blog

  25. I've been thinking of you constantly...can't wait to hear (and see) how this birth goes. Your an old pro now! Love you.

  26. Oh, this baby knows when it will be the right time, and it will be the best time. I hope all goes perfect!

  27. There is some reason he/she is waiting. Some special date down the road that will be apparent. Some reason why the birthday had to be celebrated "here" instead of "there." Think how anxious he/she to come too!

  28. Okay, so my mom who is a massage therapist swears that if you rub the web of your hand between your thumb and your index finger in a circular motion, it will induce contractions. You've got to get in there, though and feel the tissue. After several minutes of rubbing, you should feel the tissue soften and something start to happen. Make your hubby do it! Oh, that and crazy afterhours fun. Best way to go! Good luck and our thoughts are with you and all of your sweet babies.


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