26 August 2011

Double the Birthdays Double the Digits

Two birthdays were celebrated this week.  Our very first double digit dill daughter, Divine, turned 10!
She asked to skip the breakfast-in-bed tradition…she didn't want to be late for school.  Divine likes routine and punctuality.  
And her birthday cake request was chocolate chocolate chip mint cookies.  No cake this round.
She asked for a pogo stick for her gift.  Ever since Divine was little, she hasn't cared too much for toys.  We thought buying toys was just a waste of money until we had more kids who actually played with them.  Divine prefers to do and make.  Hmm.  Like someone else I know.
She was thrilled.  And yes, those giant calendar pages come in handy for over-sized gift wrapping ;)
Olive put in her breakfast request the night before, and we got to school on time.
Her only birthday dinner requests were artichokes, Ferrero Rochet Chocolates and then crème brûlée for dessert.  My little gourmand.
I found this sweet little necklace for her here.  She's our little baker.
One of Olive's endearing qualities is that she gets absolutely ecstatic about anything given to her.  Pearl made her a fabric snake and Divine gave her a clay turtle she made at school.  Loved them both.
We named Olive with the symbolism of the Olive tree, or peace.  She truly is a happy soul which brings peace to our family.
We are blessed to have her part of this Dill stew chaos.
By the end of the second birthday celebration I thought this baby was going to come.  I was tired, the baby was low, and I was having lots of abdominal cramping.  But then I awoke the next morning…still pregnant.  Again.  And again.  Of course having a September baby after all these August birthdays wouldn't be such a bad thing.  In a few years.


  1. Both birthday girls look like they had a fabulous time!

  2. Oh man! You're just a few days away from September, but a few days can seem like an eternity when you're at this point! Your girls are beautiful and looks like they had beautiful celebrations, too!

  3. Happy Birthday, Divine! :o)
    Happy Birthday, Olive! :o)
    Happy September to the smallest one to find a perfect Birthday! :o)

  4. Happy birthday to the beautiful girls!!!! I love this site!!! Wonderful mummy !!

  5. I love how you celebrate each of your children's birthdays uniquely but with family tradition! That charm necklace was a real find. I admire your minimalism of STUFF at birthdays-- I have (only) two children and it feels like we are inundated with new things.
    My children's birthdays are in September and October. Fall birthdays are lovely!

  6. Happy birthday Divine! Happy birthday Olive! What fun celebrations and pictures. :) PS I'm sure you know, but you do still have a few days left in August (though I had guessed your baby would already be here by now in the baby poll. . . .)

  7. Ohhh i love your blog and your family....Happy birthday Olive and Divine!!!
    xxx from Spain

  8. i love that everything on the table seems to be pushed away from clover! :) I have a 2 year old in my house too!

  9. We have the same pogo stick, I hope Divine doesn't have as much trouble with it as my 10 year old. Even though she's with in the weight limits for it she can barely make it "Jump". My younger daughter got a different one from Grandma that they both can do much better.

  10. happy birthday to your girls!, i look forward to reading your blog everyday and hearing all about everything you get up to.

  11. So now I'm voting for new baby dill to be born on September 1st like my youngest... I couldn't stop singing Neil Diamond to her in the hospital... September morn

    Ryan, why are you wearing the same shirt over and over? Do we need to go man shopping?!

  13. oh fabulous! i just love their meal choices :)

  14. Thought of you today....the battery on my minivan died, and we had to call AAA, but that is another story....Anyway, after watching all of my kids coming out of the house to watch him work, the tow truck driver commented that he had 6 kids--can you guess the mix? 5 girls and 1 boy (at the tail end). I immediately thought of you--anxiously waiting to hear who you have. Hang in there!

  15. You are all so beautiful! Hang in there, momma. Oh what I'd give to have that baby kicking feeling again right now. :)

  16. I'm so sorry that baby still isn't here. :(

    But I must compliment you on your amazing style. You do everything so effortlessly and beautifully. Like you live on another caliber I can only dream of. Really. Everything you do is inspiration.

    So we are huge artichoke fans. I posted about them actually and we took a reader's advice about eating the stems. Ours come out stringy and inedible. It looks like you eat yours. How do you get them to taste good?

    And lastly...you may have gotten this advice before and I am slightly embarrassed to share it but with the baby not here yet...a great way to get the baby out is using the same method you used to get the baby in. Just saying. I know it works. ;)


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