08 July 2011

Fun in the Sun{dress}: All in the Details

Hello, and welcome icandy readers!  And if you're one of my faithful regulars, I am over at icandy as a guest in Jen and Autie's series, Fun in the Sun{dress}.  She's featuring the work of a variety of bloggers to help spread the enjoyment of this summer frock, the Sundress. 
 I am sharing tips on keeping your designs simple, but unique, how to embellish tastefully, and a bit on fabric choice.
 If you're looking for the tutorial on the dress, it's the same as the Maxi Tube Dress, and you can go here to find it.
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So cute! I love the white/navy, very crisp and the personalization is adorable!

  2. love it!! how did you do the sleeves on this one??

  3. the momma-the sleeves are just a rectangle that I slightly gathered on one side (with the bias sewn over) and elastic thread on the other. I folded them in half, sewing about 2" and then attached it to the dress.

  4. Love your signature and the colors! :) Gorgeous pictures, as usual.

  5. precious that you embroidered on the back. love that sweet ending!

    the july giftaway is on! hope you'll enter!!

  6. Hi Katy,

    Love this project! I plan on adding it to AllFreeSewing as soon as possible! I'm sure our readers would love to make something like this.

    Thanks for sharing :) If you have any other projects you'd like to see on the site you know where to reach me!



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