08 July 2011

Where Have I Been?

I know, it's been rather quiet around here.  Quiet enough that I got a call from my brother-in-law [I'm embarrassed to say I had to ask who it was], my oldest sister, a skype with my little sister and an instant chat with my mom.  Love technology.  
Ryan kinked his back this past weekend and walking it out was the best medicine, keeping the blood flowing, so we took the girls, sans stroller or any other carrying device on a walk.  
We later mapped it out and figured it to be 4 miles we made those little legs walk!  Even little Clover did the whole thing without being carried [injured dad and pregnant mom].
They'll thank forgive us one day, right?

We stopped to pick some figs and take photos along the way.
Then, we spent our fourth having lots of good food, including fresh salsa, rosemary peach lemonade, blueberry tarts, and a variety of salads.
I took advantage of the baby dills' strong lungs to decorate,
and we enjoyed the afternoon on the beach with friends.
Pearl, our resident fisherwoman loves to catch the teeny little fish, store them in the sandcastle bucket for the duration of our stay and then throw them back into the ocean, animal lover that she is.
After some sand drawing, 
some sand baking, 
and some drip castling, 
we made our way to the pool, where chicken fighting ensued among sisters.  One family we invited has 11 kids!  They are the kindest, sweetest siblings you'll ever meet, and I'm hoping their gentleness with one another rubs off on my baby Dills.  Only one out of 11 couldn't come.  The rest were commandeered by our 5, a 2 to 1 ratio, which is rather convenient for parents.  Clover sat perched on Shane's shoulders, eating her sprinkled cookie, decorating the top of his head with falling sprinkles and crumbs.  He happily obliged.
We finished the evening watching fireworks over the ocean and eating the last of the fresh blueberry tart and sipping the rosemary lemonade.
Tuesday morning I got up early to make my way to girls camp!  Being due next month (with what I like to call our grand finale), I might have been crazy, but I enjoyed it so much last year, I wanted to get in at least of couple of days.  And then I got home and it really hit me.  This baby just might be here NEXT MONTH!  (beginning to panic, maybe just a bit.)  I still have to work through my HypnoBaby course, painting to do and of course a whole lot of sewing and then there's the knitting that I want to learn and what about a real quilt and new crib sheets and finishing the sewing studio and organizing all the cupboards and closets?  Nesting?  Is that what they call it?  The last time I did this labor thing, I was up the night before painting the girls' bathroom because it was just too pink.  I think I need a crew of 40 to get all that done.

So.  I've decided that I will accomplish what I can, and the rest will just have to go the way of the diaper pail--except the oven.  I always ask Ryan to clean the oven before each of our babies.  Even if it doesn't get used, I can look in it and know it won't get messy from my girls.  It's the little things.


  1. Welcome back Wife--always love to read about what you are thinking.

  2. The summer is always supposed to be about family and life and that's just what you have been up too;) And cooking that little one...I know how tired you must be. Can't wait to meet the latest.

  3. LOVE your pictures and adventures, as always. :) PS baking soda is the best thing for cleaning ovens! It works well (though you might need to reapply), is cheap, and doesn't stink. :)

  4. I love the comments that Ryan leaves you.

    Can we PLEASE be neighbors sometime in our lives? You are just too much fun to live so far away.

  5. Just came over and discovered you thanks to Anne-Marie. What a beautiful blog and beautiful family you have. Your pictures have a european feel to them.
    My French Country Home

  6. The drip castle pic is my favorite. Such cool designs, and I love to see the ctr ring poking out, too. Hang in there. I'm so impressed that you are having your finale. Bless you all.

  7. I am so excited for the grand finale! I saw a mom today with five kids and I was like whoa, totally wanted to go give her a hug, they were running rings round her :)- but it was the boys, those pesky boys- you should write a list, I love lists, so satisfying.

  8. Gosh... where has the time gone? We just had our littlest on the 4th and I was certain I was weeks ahead of you! Pregnancy just goes too darn quickly. I also agree with the masses... such a fabulous post!

  9. I am also due next month (but not until the very end) and am having a hard time focusing on anything besides just being with my kids.

    With my last one I was up all night, not painting a bedroom---although we painted hers twice before she arrived---but cleaning all the caulking in the bathrooms.

    Good luck. Nesting is a wild beast.

  10. i understand all that nesting! i'm nearly 36 weeks and have been organizing and cleaning like crazy. and my list of things to sew keeps growing longer as i think of more that this little boy should have. :)

    my poor husband is sick of rearranging furniture for me, i think...!

    i just keep reminding myself that what will get done will get done and the rest will keep. and if baby doesn't get all the goodies i had hoped to make for him, he will still have all he needs!

    enjoy your last couple of months!

  11. Sorry about Ryan's back.
    Loved the Clover with the hands raised high shot!
    Good luck with the last month!

  12. Looks like a wonderful trip! Your kids are SO gorgeous!

  13. Today I love:
    This post in general.
    And the sand drawing, drip castling, and Pearl's INCREDIBLE SMILE in particular.

  14. The only reason I make my bed every morning is because I know it is the one thing that will still be in order when I go to bed that night!

  15. We miss our friends! We don't have any friends here:). Glad you are back!


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