25 February 2011

Small World--Star Winner

 Star-Dancing into Autumn

Congratulations to Emma Lucy!  Turns out, it's a small world.  Emma is in Sarajevo right now with her family, [so her star will join her when she comes back to the United States], but she used to live in my very neck of the woods!  Emma is a student who enjoys writing, reading, playing the cello, and fencing and will be sharing this star with her sister, who also loves to dance [I'm assuming in all the seasons, not just Autumn]. 

Now I'm off to try out my new stone drill bit--details to come
 [that is if I still have all my digits afterward]!

LiEr's ikatbag pattern giveaway is still open here until March 1st and
the GE sexy lightbulb [my term, not theirs] giveaway is still open here until the 28th.

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  1. i just got here somehow through somewhere doing the blog hopping thing and i am in awe. yes awe. you are amazingly talented. what lucky, lucky little girls you have. such talent. awe. the jaw dropping kind.;D


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