28 February 2011

Up Two

We've been celebrating birthdays around here.  These two cute kids.  Except one's not so much of a kid, but I do love their Kindergarten pictures side by side.  You cannot deny Pearl's gene draw.  That, and she was the only baby born in our car that day, so there wasn't the possibility of a switcheroo.  
She: as much drama as she creates and is, I would not trade her for anything.  Or anyone.  She can out think and question us all and is more stubborn than a rusted hinge, but we'll keep her forever and ever. 
He: the one word, simple answer to the question I frequently get, how do you do all that you do?
We recently bought this piece of artwork that depicts us quite nicely, flying through this life, holding onto the Word of God, and each other.
He brought home some celebratory pussy willow branches when I told him the news of Project Run & Play.  He's learned I'm no red rose type of girl.
We invited four fine fellows to join in eating the massive amounts of food.  And I tell you, if you ever want the most peaceful, beautiful spirit in your home,  I guarantee these are the visitors you want.  Even if they just stay for dinner.
I've learned he's not a cake mix type of guy.

Happy Birthday to my two February loves.


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  1. You have such a beautiful family. Happy birthday wishes....

  2. A very Happy Birthday to both of them. Pearl is the image of her Dad! I don't know why I am constantly surprised when I see us in our children.

    As for darling Pearl, I wouldn't be surprised if you discover a degree of Giftedness there. Strange terminology, as I think we are all Gifted, but it sounds like you are dealing with some heightened emotional intelligence there.

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful post. Can I tell you, I love hearing of your times with Pearl - having one drama queen in my family, and one with a will of steel - I go through my share of moments every day. But love them both through and through. Kids are such an amazing gift from God. Happy Birthday to your little one, and the hubby who made it all possible! In a car?!! Lol

  4. Sending birthday wishes to the February loves in your family. The art you bought is fantastic. Did you buy local? I might just have to take a road trip. It's spring here and my home needs new art.

  5. February people are good! I have several of them in my life.
    So.. you actually got a baby that wasn't born in august?

  6. Happy Happy Birthday to FABULOUS FEBS!

  7. Pearl's kindergarten photo is priceless! And born in the car? Have you written about that? Because I would love to hear the whole story if you have.

  8. They're gorgeous!
    Happy Birthday to them!

  9. You have a beautiful family and a lovely blog! You are a talented girl, and you inspire me with your projects!

    I loved seeing the photos of the missionaries in your home...we have so many similar photos that we've taken over the years. Good times!

  10. Tracey-I just added the link where we purchased the hanging mobile.
    Danielle-Yes! I have written about it, and just added the link where you can read all about the grand experience. ;)

  11. I love that the shirt that Ryan is wearing in his kindergarten picture is so similar to the one in his more recent picture (with kids and fellows). Sure, one is Star Wars and one is Starsky & Hutch, but there is a notable preference shown.

  12. OMG! I love Pearl's class picture. That is hilarious!

  13. Those school pictures are awesome! Happy birthdays!

  14. Happy birthday to your family.

    I had to post because we have a little VANessa as well. But her name is Kaia, and she hasn't yet celebrated her 1st anniversary of being born in the car. In the parking lot of the IHOP.

    If you're interested: http://www.littlebitsandmore.com/2010/08/how-to-make-entrance-kaias-birth-story.html

    And my husband's hilarious account:

    love the school pic comparison!

  16. Another lovely post! I always enjoy popping by :) Happy Birthday to your two special people. x

  17. Happy,happy birthday to Ryan and Pearl!

    What type of dessert is that? YUM!

  18. Okay so I totally get it. Your answer for how you do all that you do because that is my very same answer to the very same question (I too being a mother to five).

    Also, I read your post about Pearl's birth and got that one too. I had a very similar experience with castor oil and the birth of my third son…it was very FAST. However, on #4 I tried it again and it was very s…l…o…w. I really think it has more to do with your child's temperament and personality than the oil itself as #3 is very active and #4 more sedate. (also if you make a citrus smoothie for castor oil it is much easier to take).

    Happy birthday to your family.

  19. David-It's a flourless chocolate torte with toasted, ground almonds and a chocolate ganache on top. ;)


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