16 October 2010

New York--take two

I failed to properly introduce the travelers yesterday. 
The accessorizer:  I packed a tiny carry-on suitcase only half-full.  I wore the same pants and boots and blazer, just changed things up with just a fresh top [yes, undies, too!] and accessories.  I was happily mistaken as a native as lost wanderers repeatedly asked me for directions.  I gave them wrong directions.  No, I didn't.

The monochromatic man:  had a wallet full of $2 bills for tips.  Watched his wife try on hats, shoes, and helped pick out buttons and negotiated on my fabric purchases with the sales people.  Is that the perfect anniversary gift, or what.

Mr. T:  Jacob, my younger brother by 18 months.  My mom says we always got along swimmingly as kids.  Happy to say nothing has changed.  He entertained us each day with his clever t-shirts and his iphone full of cool apps to find the closest subway and keep our boredom at bay with yahtzee during intermissions and culinary courses.  And so self-sufficient.  Perfect traveling companion.

Mr. Clean:  Carried his wife's bags post purchases and wasn't afraid to get in trouble by the museum security guards, or tell the guy on the street selling signs that his prices were significantly higher than another's.  Pretty much, he tells you like it is.

The ultimate navigator:  We'd look to her on the crowded subways to tell us when to get on and off.  She'd peer at her map and give us the straight shot to our desired location every single time.  If she left us alone we would sometimes take the same line up and down and up and down until we would get off and walk.  You want to know where to go in NY?  Ask these two.  

The Irish buddies:  not really from Ireland and not really part of our traveling group, but were kind enough to pose for an eager Floridian who doesn't see such sights in her neck of the ocean.

Habu:  my mom's absolute favorite part of the trip.  She could have snuggled down in the baskets of spun goodness on the floor.  It's a tiny tiny store on the 2nd(?) floor of a rather nondescript building: like a geode.  The most fantastic yarns and threads in these sweet little bundled morsels.
It was run by a bunch of Japanese girls who would go "behind the curtain" and giggle like school girls in a language only Ryan could understand.  They were knowledgeable and mysterious.

I bought some fabric with a handwritten tag that said: Southwest China.  Guizhou (Dong people/Shangdong liping area) 100% cotton dyed with indigo sized with buffalo skin glue, pigs blood, egg white/beaten.  I know.  What am I going to do with it?  I don't know.
My dad bought 5 antique Asian yarn spindles to use as sphere stands.

I've decided I could never drive in New York because I'm too sensitive [all that honking, the millisecond the light changes or if you happen to be waiting for a pedestrian to cross the street] and I'm not very good at driving backwards.

But perhaps I vicariously picked up some of their I'm-in-a-hurry-although-just-for-the-sake-of-driving-fast-ness, because I think I'm a bit more aggressive in my driving since being home.  Don't worry, not that aggressive.

I'm not sure who these people are or who the artist is, but they get to enjoy Fishs Eddy non-stop.

We bought some paper gray/white striped straws, and one of these tiny hands to add to our collection.


Then there was the food.  Then there was the food.  We had approximately 21 meals there and maybe 2 were average.  Average meaning good anywhere else, average for NY.  The rest were out.standing.

I found this guy entertaining.  I'm guessing he was so excited about his new blue and yellow stripe shirt he put it on immediately after his purchase, or else there was great coincidence with his matching bag.
We bought some cardamom cookies here at Kalustyans.  Want a certain Indian Spice?  No doubt they'll have it.  They also had orange and lemon oil that we snatched up, as I can't seem to find a local source.  Bring on the Peach Rosemary Lemonade!!
I went to my first Jazz production, courtesy of Jacob.  He's a Jazz whiz.  But this wasn't Kenny G type of Jazz [apparently aka soft Jazz.]  What we enjoyed while eating a dessert sampler and herbal tea was "Straight Ahead" Jazz, a la Robert Glasper Trio.  Thanks for the Jazzucation, Jake.  Unfortunately photos were not allowed, so you get the neon jazz sign outside the joint.

Guess what.  I have more.  Do you need a break?


  1. No! Loving it. Living vicariously.

  2. Did you hit up the ABC Carpet and Home across the street from Fishs Eddy? It's one of the most amazing stores I've ever been in.

  3. Ok, a few little things:

    1.) You are *so* my kind of packer! Awesome. And those boots? oh.My.LOVE!!!

    2.) Love the $2 bills for tips! I've always loved $2 bills and now I think I'm stealing Mr. Monochromatic's groove, there.

    3.) Everyone's gotta have the shot of random locals...and you got the perfect pair! Love the rest of the photos too, of course. Especially the bowls.

    4.)Wowza, them's some big sandwiches! LOL

    Waiting on the third installment over here. :)

  4. I want one of those hands (or 2 or 3!) And Habu looks amazing! More!

  5. no break. I'm loving it and now I really want to borrow your parents! ;)

    Yes, info on your boots, please!

  6. I need to take some packing tips from you, as I'm going to a conference in PA this week!

    I think I love your family. Does anyone ever mistake your dad for John Locke (LOST)?

  7. Sparklebot-we didn't hit ABC this time around, though it is one of the most interesting retail spots, isn't it?

    Jenn & Anna M-The boots I bought at a flea market in Korea last year. My feet survived miles and miles of pavement pouding (though I'm still trying to decide if I'm truly meant for cement) without a single blister. I did discover that putting my tennis shoe insoles in made for an even more comfortable NY stroll.


  8. No, more, more more!!! I rarely enjoy blog travelogues (maybe I'm a snob? dunno) and I love love love your blog, but seriously, I think these have been some of my favorite posts evah. Bring it on.

  9. Also - you must post that lemonade recipe. I have a bottle of lemon oil that I theoretically have around so that I can make killer lemon scones, but I don't know what else to do with it.

  10. Thank you! If I head to New York any time soon, I will first be consulting these 2 posts for places I must go. Habu. I'm in serious envy. Their yarns are to die for. I've one on my desk right now, a silk stainless steel in plum. It's my first Habu, and like you I'm unsure what it's going to be. Until then, it's pretty and that's enough.

  11. I love fish's Eddy
    Love, Love LOVE!

    I miss them now that I live in Florda. there is nothing like that here.

  12. Keep them coming! I love that everyone was a good sport the pictures. Please tell them that I said thank you because I have really been enjoying NY from your perspective! Please keep them coming!

  13. Oh how fun! So...I am emailing you if I ever got to New york. Last time we went it looked nothing like that.

  14. keep it coming! we irish/english never go anywhere! it looks so cultured, sort of reminds me of London, just slightly further away :) love your boots by the way :)

  15. I love the hands and the food pics, the travelers who, I don't mind mentioning, I wish I were with.

    What a GREAT trip with GREAT people!

  16. Ahh I am loving these NYC pics. How about you go there every weekend and show us the pics during the week? :D
    The food looks amazing and your dad totally looks like the guy from LOST! haha.

  17. No I LOVE seeing your photo's and ideas of what to do while in NYC!! My mom and younger sister are leaving Wednesday for a long weekend there and although they already have an itinerary set up I've added a couple more to do's to their list!! The Popbar is one! AND hoping my mom will run in to PurlSoho and pick me up a treat!! They are also going to see Promises Promises!! Looks like you had a blast....and love that you packed SOOOOO light!!

  18. No break please! Such fun photos of a city and people I love. You know we would have fun together, Katy.

  19. such great pictures and what a fun family!

  20. You tease! NYC is my fave! Sullivan Street bakery--WHAT did you eat? Were those Banh Mi sandwiches? Did yours have roasted cauliflower? Awesome. Fishs Eddy--did you get anything? I love their plate stands. I feel like I need to reclaim a trip to NYC with your family since I missed my opportunity back in '97.

  21. where is Fishs Eddy? I am in NYC regularly and would love to check it out. oh!! and the Indian spice store??Thank you!!

  22. Fishs Eddy
    889 Broadway at 19th Street
    New York, NY 10003

    123 Lexington Ave
    New York, NY 10016

  23. Please tell me more. I am going in two weeks with one adventurous sister and 4 not-so-adventures family members. I have made a note about Fishes Eddy- right up my alley! What were you fave eateries and shops? Please tell!

  24. so fun to have your review just days before our own NYC excursion. many more stops to add to our list!

  25. Love your tour of NY. Wish you could be our tour guide in a couple of weeks. Would you please give us a few of your restaurant suggestions. Also, what camera did you use to take your fabulous pictures!

  26. I love seeing NYC thru your eyes

  27. Thanks for this (sorry I'm late catching up with your posts). My husband and I went to New York every year in January (from the UK) but haven't been able to go since having our son last year. Since then I have got into crafting in a big way so your take on NY brings back memories and makes me want to get back there soon. Anyway I have a question from my husband....where is your husbands watch from? The orange one he's wearing when you are eating burgers. Sorry off topic but he really liked it so I said I'd ask.

  28. Gill Chester--We were walking down the street when we came to a wholesale watch shop. I'm sorry I don't remember the name, but we had to buy about a dozen watches for him to get that one. He also got one in several other colors, but the white and the orange are his favorite and he gets stopped ALL the time by people wanting to know where he got it.


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