18 October 2010

Field Trip: NYC Style

 Could you imagine going to the Museum of Modern Art for your field trip in grade school?!?  I'm afraid most kids living in NY might take it for granted that there are so many amazing museums at their Subway Tips.
 Enjoy Ryan, showing the overwhelming size of this painting

 Growing up we frequently had Bean with Bacon Soup.  Once time we found a small piece of wood in it.  My dad sent it in and got loads of free coupons.  I think maybe that was the last time we ate it.

 I think the only time/place New Yorkers slow down is in a museum.  

 Yes, this is really a painting.  Perhaps meant for those living in New York apartments.

 Do you read the Olivia books?

I was so pleased that I could take photos at many of the museums/exhibits. 

 If I walked through with Jacob, he would lean over frequently and say, "I did an internship with that guy" or "I helped that guy work on some stuff."
 That kind of makes him famous, you know?
 I loved the broken dish chandelier.  Now I know what to do with all our broken dishes!
 Artist: bees.

 This was right before the security guard told my dad that it was a no-no.

Yoko Ono's art of tying wishes on a tree in the MOMA garden

 We also went to the American Folk Art Museum

 Don't you love their faces?
 This is a pillow by an Lee Godie that I loved

 This is one of my favorite shots the whole trip

 I'm not a quilter.  I tried to be once.  When I was still living at home I told my parents I'd make them a tumbling block quilt, like the most difficult pattern to piece together [in my humble-beginners-never-made-a-quilt-opinion] with about 74 million points that are supposed to meet together.  King size.  I got it all cut out and pieced maybe a foot or two before I handed the huge bag of tiny diamond shaped pieces over to my dad, admitting defeat.  Sorry. 
 But!  I was so inspired by the quilts on exhibit, that my mind may yet be changed.  TBD.

 And though we didn't enjoy her inner beauty, a shot because curb appeal she's got:

Photos weren't allowed in the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum, but it was Ryan's favorite.  Inside was a desk with a little swing for wiggling feet beneath.  It's been proven that people learn better when they're moving or doing something.  Genius.  I want one.  Err, seven. 
Pop quiz:  How many of the above pieces [from the MOMA] can you correctly identify??

Also, I think there is one NY post left.


  1. But there was one painting that she just did NOT get.

    I could do that in about five minutes.

    When she gets home, she gives it a try.

    Time out.

    (We read that book a lot. My two year old can recite that entire sequence. I live in fear that she is going to do a Jackson Pollock on one of our walls.)

  2. Do you want the tumbling block quilt pieces back?!

  3. I can identify 6 of the artist without thinking...names of pieces- can't do it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I recognize 8 of the works from college days, and can name 4 of the artists. I met my husband in art history, if he were with me we'd do much better! I always struggled with remembering the names and dates, but loved the stories and meanings. He however got the A!

  5. Oh I love the pics. I enjoyed looking at them and dearly miss living in New York. It's such a wonderful place and the museums are very amazing.

  6. I can name 10 of the artists, but not a single title. (The Matisse painting is on the tip of my tongue!) Sadly, I am an art teacher and should know them all :)
    I've enjoyed your pictures, thanks!

  7. I can identify six of the artists and only two of the titles...does pregnancy brain count as an excuse?

    The picture of your husband in front of the Monet was pretty amazing...I had no idea it was that big!

    My first quilting experience was like yours...and no I haven't tried since...but I plan on it at some point.

  8. Oh my. Thank you for the photos.
    I can't identify ANY of the works, but I know the artists.
    I think.....

  9. Wonderful photos. Thanks for all the inspiration this morning! I'd say more, but words fail me, so I'll just enjoy the private art exhibit. :) Thank you!

  10. i cannot beat whimsy's comment about the olivia books.

    ian falconer is so good...

  11. you have to love all the art styles in NYC , right


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