19 October 2010

New York--final installment

 And then there was the subway art.  I loved seeing what each new stop held, mostly mosaics, as well as live subway performers.  One stop had a very eccentric man [black wispy hair and Michael Jackson moves] with what looked like a home-made electric violin-type of instrument.
Random art on buildings: gold figures crawling up this one.

 Levain Bakery--you'd pass right by it if you didn't know what you were looking for--which we did because they have 6 oz cookies!  Ryan's fave.
 This subway stop had converted the women's restroom into a newsstand.  Caught ya dad!

 I liked this yellow building

Post broadway snacks

 Times square, of course!

 Playing at CB2

 I can't remember if that is the empire state building or trump tower in the far distance.

 It's so nice when you don't have to even talk to communicate with your brother.

 Pearl River Mart is HUGE [with a basement] and full of rare and unusual sundries. We bought the kids some chopsticks that look like colored pencils.

 Which hat

do you think

 came home with me?

You don't need sunglasses very frequently in New York, but in this case, we needed them in the store. 

 You may walk with us if your purchases are tucked away in an orange bag.  Thank you.

Kate's Paperie is always fun 

The marriage of paper and fashion 

My dad made a sharp purchase [not the scissors, though]

Ryan shopped 'til he dropped. 

You never know what we'll do to you while sleeping....

Our last breakfast in the big apple was here 

where we discussed 

how they ought to have seasonal butter 

to change things up.  Like pumpkin spice butter in the fall!  

We enjoyed their huge popovers

 and their Mexican hot chocolate with chili oil and cinnamon!!

A city that will always have something to look at. 

Our last meal together consisted of a cold noodle dish and fortunes.  

And since, percentage wise, most our meals were eaten here, one more photo at Sullivan 

We parted to go our different ways and New York left us with a beautiful parting gift of her skies as we boarded our plane.


  1. I don't want the New York posts to end! Did you try the stecca at SSB? Looks like you had perfect weather for exploring the city!

  2. Man oh man oh man! I wish I could have been there with you guys!

    My guess is that you bought the last hat? Do tell.

  3. Your photos are so amazing--and creative. Thanks for sharing your trip with us--I'm glad you had a great time!

  4. i guess the last hat as well.
    it fits you quite nicely.
    almost feel like i've been to NY after all this eye candy!
    and i still can't look at your father with out thinking of LOST.

  5. yes, my vote is the last hat.

    And could you be more winsome?

    I want to go to NYC tomorrow, it's official. Except, how will I find all of these places without you and your family? ;)

  6. Thanks for the fun recap Katy! Next time we are meeting in Paris...

  7. what fun you must have had! your pictures are amazing~

  8. GREAT shots! The last hat, for sure!

  9. now I'm hungry, and I hope the third hat in grey came home with you; a friend is off to new york in february, I made her swear to bring me home an I heart new york t-shirt, never been there, always wanted one :)

  10. you are just beautiful... and your family too... and your pictures too...and the black hat too !!!

    so thanks a lot for all this beauty ;)

  11. hmm... but you already have a hat like the last one. i like the first one.

    also LOVE the fortune shots. good fortune, jacob.

  12. Thank you for sharing this with us, I loved every bit of those 4 posts. The pictures are amazing and I enjoyed watching the family love :)

  13. Ah Memories!
    Paris sounds fun.

  14. I've had so much fun sighseeing with you in NYC... I've always wanted to go there but it might be a while before I ever get the chance... what with being on the other side of the world and having young kids and all....
    Did you get Hat #1? I love the pattern.


  15. great photos. Has anyone told your Dad he looks a little like the character John Locke from Lost? Also, your brother in some of the photos reminds me a bit of a radio/TV comedian here in Australia, Andy, from the Hamish and Andy Show (his girlfriend is a very big Australian model!)

  16. Thanks, Katy. Yes, I am studying up on Paris all ready.

  17. Yum! still wanting one of those Lavendar honey sticky buns from your previous post. I have three Levain Bakery copycat recipes that are SO VERY close to the original if you want I can send them to you. Chocolate Walnut, Ginger, and Chocolate peanut butter....Good thing they only make a small amount, they can be dangerous!

  18. Loved, loved, loved, your NYC photos!

  19. I live in the 'burbs of NY, so I'm a semi-local. Still, I loved your posts. Sometimes you forget what is really here.
    Also, I'm pretty sure the building in the distance is the Chrysler building.

  20. I live a few blocks away from Levain and literally have to restrain myself from going there daily for (another) cookie, yummmm! The photos from NY have been beautiful! Love the blog!

  21. I always wanted to go to NY but now, I really, really, really, really want to go to NY ;-)
    Thanks for sharing these moments! Thanks for your humour too!
    As for the hat them. But I am a hat addict. don't ever let me go there ;-)

  22. I bought the FIRST HAT!!

    Crysta-YES!! I'd love the recipes. Ryan would love them more.

    Sounds like Paris is next! We need to dust off our French, mom!

  23. I LOVE the first hat, and the paper dress. If I ever go to NYC , I am hitting you up for a list of places I must go, because I pretty much want to go everywhere you did :)

  24. I lived in NYC for 15 years and still love it - BTW you looked good in all the hats

  25. These pictures make me want to go to New York so bad! I now really really want to go to Kate's Paperie. Love that store!
    That 3rd hat is amazing by the way. I love them all though.


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