15 October 2010

New York--take one

Did anyone catch my previous post NYC reference?  
Even if there was a typo my entire absence.  Sheesh.
Progeny namesakes 

Sean Hayes post promises, promises 

Kristin Chenoweth--she's even more petit in real life

Eric Ripert, riffling through some "street music"

The famous Murray's cheese shop--we met the owner who was incidentally celebrating his birthday.  First he thought my dad was my husband, then asked if my brother was my husband.  We were all relieved when Ryan appeared.  Sorry, no photo of the whole interchange.  He was on his way to "a boring meeting." 

 pretty dairy

 i'm curious

 illuminated ears

 choose your fresh fruit pop, dipped in chocolate

a very big popbar 

 a very big dill

scowling subway passenger

 Sullivan St Bakery, though not located on Sullivan Street.  Long Story.  Anyway, the guy with the scarf inside?  The owner, also author of My Bread Cookbook, Jim Lahey.  You simply can't go wrong eating here.  Well, you could, but it's very hard.  Read the open sign again.  Clever.

Ryan's fave: champagne grape with fennel

One of my favorites: Lavender honey sticky buns.  Also what Ryan likes to call me.

Yes.  This is Jim Lahey who went on and on about wine and vineyards.  Little did he know he was wasting his breath on non-bibbers.  Sorry Jim.  We think your breads are tops, though.

 I need this on top of my roof

 father and jacob--duh

Neat old sign 

 Some of the glory of the new PurlSoho.  The girl at the register reads my blog.  I feel special.

 One of the many things I'd like to learn: tatting. Pictured above is tatting thread/floss

 The photo doesn't do these cottons justice.  It looks like a regular selection of quilting fabric. NOT SO!  I wanted to bath in a pile of this.

 are we being watched?

 Bathing in a giant high heel also sounds....different

 This blur is Kim Kardashian.  I promise.  Actually, I don't because Ryan had to tell me who Kim was.  Does that make me lame?

The cutest button shop.

More to come.


  1. NOW I am really jealous!!!!

  2. all of your pictures we either making me ravenous (lavender sticky buns?!?!) or smiley at your cleverness... all besides the pickle picture- i'm newly pregnant and those are my singular worst enemy during pregnancy. *shudder*
    so much awesome i don't even know what else to comment on!

  3. that looks SO fun!- you know I am not a fan of tatting, because as i am now an A-level art student, I had to draw a foot of it.
    repetetive or what?!

  4. That looked like so so soooo much fun!!! The photos are so creative!
    Katy, honestly, I noticed the typo but not the reference...heehee duh.
    There's some fun stuff coming your way :)
    I am also going to start calling my husband lavender honey sticky buns. Its pretty much the cutest pet name ever.

  5. Too awesome. Love the pics--thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Oh, that I could have fit in your suitcase...and lived on the left coast! I would love to visit Purl Soho. Thank you once again for fabulous photos.

  7. Your family looks like such a fun-loving bunch! What great pictures!! You must have had a blast. So jealous that you went to Purl Soho!! And the checkout girl reads your blog??? NICE!

  8. i love the pictures of all the baby dill's names. in pondering naming my girl olive i have noticed her name all over the place. but we live in ohio and all we have here is olive garden and that sign is ugly.

  9. Your not knowing who Kim K. is, is the reason I so enjoy your blog. She and her crew are the polar opposite of your posse. They are fake, you are the real dill. Truly.

  10. Jenny-they are a fun bunch, especially in New York because they know all the cool places.

    Layla-I was so pleased to find all their names, because it wouldn't have been nearly as neat had I been missing someone, right?

    Suzy-that is one of the nicest compliments I've received. Thank you.

  11. You do New York right! Now I need to know if you got the men to follow you to Purlsoho and Tender Button. Cuz if so, that's talent.

  12. Bummed I missed out on this round of the Giant Honeycrisp. Next time!

  13. Wow! How fabulous! I am so very jealous!!! :)

  14. I just found your blog from the post at A Lemon Squeezy Home, and I love it! Thanks for sharing your trip, especially Tender Button. I have a serious button addiction; old or new, I love them all. I'll be checking back regularly.

  15. Was it just coincidence that you found all your girls' names? How fun!

    Love the pics. You and your family are all adorable. :)

  16. Wow your pictures have me drooling. Those cottons, buttons, ohhhh they are calling me :)! Also I received my first issue of Ottobre!! I am beyond excited. Thank you!! It is more amazing than I had dreamed! Thanks again!

  17. hi katy-daaah! i got it now you mentioned it, honeycrisp, apple...big, big apple! clever, very clever. i have some of your folks very old nyc itineraries...from the 80's i think. time flies. your grandma and my mom went along with some other knudsens. glad the tradition continues. tender buttons is the tiniest shop. did they expand/move to a larger location? your photo makes it look bigger than i remember.



  18. Natalee-these are the men to take when you go to places like this. Ryan even helped me pick out buttons and my dad bought some buttons.

    Annie-we also went to M&J Trimming. Spent way too much there, but you can buy their stuff online.

    Lisa-yes, we were all on the lookout for their names as we walked the streets of NY.

    Ginny-I fully expect to see some Ottobre garb. Shoot me a link when you've begun.

    diedre-It was still pretty tight at tender button, especially with a backpack on! I don't know if it's a new location or not. Fun, but pricey.

  19. WOW I have always wanted to visit NYC. So jealous! :)
    The giant dill pic was hilarious! Gave me a good laugh. Hehe. It so needs to be up on the side of your blog (or at least framed in your kitchen! haha)
    Your family looks like a lot of fun. The bakery pic with you all looking surprise is funny too! I enjoyed all those pics... keep em coming! :)


  20. Love the Purl Soho photos. Tatting isn't hard (says the girl who doesn't tat. Yet.) My husband's aunt showed me how at a family reunion this summer. Now to find a shuttle. Great photos, every one. And no, you aren't lame for not knowing who Kim Kardashian is. Who is she? I know there's a show about her or something, but otherwise I got nothin'.

  21. Katy, you have like 7,002w4[11=-1 followers but I'll bet you ten thousand swatches and fifty fat quarters that I want those popsicles more than any one of the 7,002w4[11=-1. Why? Cause that is how I roll.

    And- why is it that none of the travelers look to gain a pound from all of this delicious consumption?

  22. Ha ha. The sticky bun looks like it has a fly on it.

    You have beautifully colored eyes.

  23. Oooh, it keeps getting better the more I read! My family is also going to see Promises, Promises!
    Ok, now I sounds like a stalker after commenting on your three NY posts. But I'm not, I promise. But why would a stalker admit to being a stalker...wait, just thinking out loud...oh...nevermind.

  24. Drool! I'm so jealous!

    Did you make your headband in that picture with the big dill? (awesome btw!)

  25. Emily--yes, I did make it. Thank you!

  26. I'm feeling the need to go into the city real soon


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