14 July 2010

People you don't know in a place you do

I know many of you come here for project ideas, so feel free to skip this post, but I want this place to also contain images to jog my memory footage.  
I want to be able to recall how so very hot it was when we went with Ryan's cousins and their kids [my second cousins...how does that work anyway, and what does that make my kids to their kids?] to Disney World.  So hot that all the babies melted in our arms and became living, breathing, portable heaters.  In the summer.  In southern Florida.
I want to be able to remember how much fun children and adults had together, though residing throughout the country, to be able to come to "The Happiest Place on Earth" and mostly just enjoy each other.

When Ryan and I were first married I would panic at the thought of spending any amount of time with his side of the family.  Just us and them.  Eeek, I might have thought.
But over the years, I have gotten to know them better and feel so very blessed to have that many more people to call family.
I feel connected and more integrated now because I know part of their story, like how this sweet boy came to his family as an answer to sincere pleadings and prayers.
And how I remember when this kid used to wear the cutest little sailor suits to church.

Twins comparing six-packs

I was sorry to say good-bye to these family members, most of whom I probably won't see again for a very long time.  Family adds depth and richness to life.
Clover just finished a powdered donut hole she mooched off a stranger- we are such good parents.

Especially in the midst of an artificial world.


  1. my baby had animal crackers dipped in nutella for breakfast. so, i probably win. i'm obviously a better parent.

    and how was the most magical place on earth? i've never been and actually i'm a little scared to go.

  2. Are you going? You'll miss the best rides, being pregnant and all.

  3. Katy, did you notice the Romanized version of 'goodbye' in Korean?!

  4. WHEN WERE YOU THERE???!!! i often wonder if i'll run into my "famous blogger" people that i STALK....in the best way!! :) when i scrolled down to this post i thought (sighting that first picture)...why does this picture look familiar? it's because we were just there!!! we were there through the 4th of july weekend. any chance i could have possibly bumped into you? this was our 1st time taking the girls....fun and magical it was!

  5. How fun! Your pictures are always so beautiful!

  6. Bring those cousins up here!!

  7. I like these posts!- how blessed you are! I've only two cousins and they don't live nearby- what a wonderful memory for them all!

  8. clovers face is so precious in that photo!!

  9. I just recently started reading your blog (Why did it taken me so long to find it!?)When low and behold, I'm reading this post and see a picture of my former Institute Director! Bro. Kunz was my Institute Director in San Luis Obispo where I met my husband and where I briefly worked for him until I had a baby. What a small world! Thanks for creating a great place to click over to every day!
    Kate Rober


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