28 June 2010

Got the Blues?

We went on our 4th annual blueberry picking excursion on Saturday.

Now I appreciate the saying slim pickings.

It was.  Very.

A bunch of sweaty heads and hot little people, and all we managed was 2 pounds.

And then someone stepped on the bag in the car, reducing it to 1.75 lbs.

So, we got super-burning-hot-hashbrowns at a place that starts with a capital M, rhymes with onalds and went swimming.


  1. Sorry your blues were so pale.

  2. What are you going to make with them?
    Some girls in my ward and I are talking about going picking ourselves.

  3. Yum, I went strawberry picking on the weekend and ended up with way to many lovely strawberries!

  4. Yum. Sorry it was so slim. I made some Strawberry Blueberry jam and syrup. Oh so yummy on hot pancakes. My hubby LOVED it. I've often thought of taking the kids out picking. I think we might this week.

  5. I just wanted to thank you for the cosmos seeds! I got them on Saturday,and my husband was really confused! It was funny! I can't wait to give them a try!Thanks again!

  6. oh my. so much beautiful eye candy!!! i loved my visit here today. ;)


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