29 June 2010

Clover is 2

Clover's birthday menu requests:
Chinese take-out, fresh lychees & marble beverage

Attempting to free the marble 
[Ryan grew me some green Zinnia!]
Yes, you wanted to see a colored picture of Olive's hair-[over]do.  Whoa.
We don't do huge birthdays around here.  Out of the 25 birthdays that we've had for our children, we've had a friend over for 2.  I like to keep expectations low, so when I let them invite two friends over they'll call me the best mom in the whole world.  You see how I work.
Ask Clover how old she is and she'll give you the correct answer, but hold up a whole hand of fingers.  She's bossy, this little person, but I miss her when she naps, eat her up every day and never get full.
She calls them cakecucks.
Happy 2, my sweet Cloves.  Life would be much more dull without you.


  1. Fun refreshments. Fun hair-do.
    Fun birthday girl! How did you ever find "Clover The Fairy of Lark"?!

  2. oooh How doll is she! And she's right about the menu... fresh lychees are the best ;-) Thank you for the seeds I received yesterday, here, all the way on the other side of the atlantic ;-)

  3. Mmmm, lychees!!!!
    I planted the seeds yesterday-they are warming themselves in the sun, inside a green planter in your honor!
    Happy birthday to her AND to her parents!

  4. AWww! Happy birthday beautiful girl!

  5. How sweet! Happy Birthday little one!

    Your other daughter likes the same hair do's as my four year old. What is it about a ton of barrettes?

  6. Oh, Clover, you beauty! Happy birthday to you! Love the cupcake holders

  7. aww! Happy Birthday little Clover!
    my daughter is turning 2 next week... can't believe it!

  8. Love me some overdone hair.
    And I had a cakecuck this weekend that looked like that one.
    We used to have a cow named Zinnia. And I remember exactly what she looked like.

  9. So sweet! Happy birthday Clover!

  10. ok, I have to ask...what is a marble beverage? Sounds like something I need to know about.

  11. Happy Birthday Clover! And Katie, I'm so with you on the low key birthday parties.

  12. Happy Birthday Clover ... what a sweetheart!

  13. I love lychee! Where's the best place to get some here in Florida? (That's one of the biggest things I miss about Hawaii, when your neighbor drops off a bucket of lychee because they have more than enough)

    p.s. Happy Birthday Clover!

  14. Katie, your girls have the most amazing sparkle in their eyes. each and every one of them!!! you know, that is from eating beets. Now I believe that old wives tale! :)

  15. I need to know what a marble beverage is too!

  16. Such a pretty little girl! I'm not a big birthday bash thrower either. My kids understand that they will get a "big" (as in 10 friends or less) theme party when they turn 5, 10 and 16 (well, maybe we'll do a bigger bash for 16...that's still a ways off, though). Every birthday in between is a low-key, low friend count or just a family affair.

  17. @Jill and Megan: The marble beverage comes in different flavors (we had melon) and it's called Ramune. You have to dislodge the marble in order to drink it--fun and interactive!

    @chellrie: Ryan got them at the little Asian grocery store around the corner from our house, but they were grown in Miami! Can you believe we've got lychee growing right here in the sunshine state?!


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