28 June 2010

Good Thing You Know Me.

"25" by Lincolnian (Brian) - BUSY.

Anna [pronounced like shawl, not sand] is the winner of the star of her choice!

But I was just informed by the artist, aka my dad, that he is offering 20% off a star of your choice for the month of July!  And guys, these are inexpensive as far as art goes to begin with, so that is really a bargain.  I know because we spent weeks making them one year for Sundance Catalog and I refuse to make any more.  Just mention in the comments to seller that you're one of my readers and he'll refund you 20%!  I think I'm going to get one of Gramma Fae's Custard Yellow that he just added to hang on my chandelier.  She really was a stellar woman.


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