12 April 2010

Mangos are gone. Memories remain.

I especially love baby mango and baby dill looking at one another

I gave up trying to take this cone to "clean it up" and let her at it

lucy in the sky with kite

the sand catcher skirt duo

FYI: You can always tell what I'm doing behind the lens to get the kids to smile by cues from Azure


  1. Looks so fun!

    I wonder what real mangos topped with dill would taste like?

  2. yippee! yippee! let's do it again! again!

  3. that sky looks amazing! It looks like you guys had a ball!

  4. Cute...the ABC block pics and the babies looking at each other. The one of Clover with the cone is classic.

  5. oh Katy,
    This post is just lovely.
    Is one of your daughters a Lucy?

  6. Followed the link from your sister's blog and have to say that the ice cream cones look like everything ice cream should be...melting and covered in sprinkles. Your photos are lovely!

  7. I must say, and feel the need to share: I simply love your blog. Love the pictures... doesn´t life seem less hectic, loved ones even more loved and spilled ice cream on tiny bare feet cuter than ever when you turn it into poetry? Me encanta!


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