13 April 2010

I remembered something last week

With one boy in the midst of 8 girls last weekend, Seth was feeling lost and annoyed with the massive amounts of femininity.  It didn't make sense to him, all the frivolity that girls entail.  This is when I remembered.  I remembered how to make paper airplanes.  Two styles: one taught to me by my mom and the other by my dad.  I pulled this trick out of some deep corner of my mind hardly ever used--the offending girls offered the advice to decorate the stark white paper.  He ignored it.  As he flew the planes he became animated, captivating to watch, reporting to Jordan every up, down, and turn of the flying vessels.  He feels deeply, this one, every up, down and turn of life.  He is a thinker, like my Pearl.  He likes to know the workings.  Early Saturday morning I awoke to find him imagining his newly acquired lighthouse upon the ocean.  He became shy when he noticed me watching and slipped back into the bedroom of slumbering children.  I wanted to tell him: Don't be shy, Seth, that you feel deeply and have big dreams.  You will go far with such devoted parents, and your sisters, ironically, will keep you grounded just enough with their frivolity.  Despite what you might feel, you fit nicely in that family of yours.


  1. Loved your verbal and visual observations of Seth.

  2. Stunning photo. I love that Seth.

  3. How super sweet ... and what a neat photo.

  4. You had me in tears. The photo and your words. Thank you for this.

  5. Seth's smile is worth a million words. He truly a charming child.

    This photo is an award winner!

  6. Love these words.

    I want to go wherever you all were - so beautiful.



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