14 April 2010

Brewing Change

Typical breakfast requests: 
Ramen noodles
Peanut butter/honey sandwich
Macaroni & cheese

Ryan has successfully converted us to a preferred savory start to our day.  We do enjoy our typical breakfast foods other times of the day, but commencing with a good dose of protein instead of sweet makes for satiating start.  Pearl's long time favorite food: crepes.  She informed me the other day, however, that she was tired of crepes.  She was tired of all the foods we eat, in a very typical dramatic Pearl way.  I asked her what she wanted but that was the problem.  She just didn't know. I mentally agreed with her sentiments, but my unrest lies beyond just culinary preferences.  

A personal plateau.  

God was wise when He created seasons.  Though we may not care for some seasons (like my grandma Mary Deane couldn't stand summer) we are able to appreciate the seasons we do like even more because of them.  Change is healthy.  Growing, learning, reinventing are all vital to becoming more refined and defined.  I'd like to learn something new, try something I've yet to, and leave this plateau.  Identifying the what is the next step.  I made grits for the first time in my life this morning, adding cheese, pepper and tomatoes for extra goodness.  Pearl didn't care for them, but I loved the change.  

It's a start, at least.


  1. I was raised on grits! They are my all time favorite breakfast. At my house we mix them with easy over eggs and salt and pepper.

  2. Isn't it funny we crave and fight change all at the same time?

    I too, like a good savory breakfast.

  3. I was in that "personal plateau" place a couple of years ago, craving for change like you are now. Sometimes we get more than we wish for, though. I have seen more change over the last year and a half than I need for decades to come. What I crave now is the constant, a return to normalcy...actually I need to create a new normalcy. With change comes growth, though...I can't argue with that.

  4. I LOVE grits! I make mine pretty simple: Brummel & Brown butter, sea salt, pepper. I usually like a couple of over-easy eggs on the side when I make grits. Delish!
    One way I also like to eat grits is with a bit of gouda cheese, shrimp, and andouille sausage. Here's the recipe from one of my favorite restaurants in DC: https://www.chefgeoff.com/assets/files/cgu/pdf/BIG_SHRIMP_AND_VERY_GOUDA_GRITS_FOR_4.pdf

  5. ummm, grits. i fought tony on trying them, but when i finally did i devoured mine AND his. R&MG love grits and so do the "furry girls" as they get to lick the plate clean after we've eaten our fill. i eat my grits with cheese, butter, tomatoes and lots of tabasco. i like 'em hot!

  6. did i read it right? i have never heard of grits, what are they? i dont think we have them in england...:(

  7. I can't seem to ever break out of my sweet breakfast box. Heidi Swanson has this great go-to recipe for breakfast polenta: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/breakfast-polenta-recipe.html. I eat mine with chopped dates and soy milk, but they'd be excellent with an egg on top or perhaps some sauteed wild mushrooms...

  8. I married a southerner! He loves grits and I like them too, especially with cheese. Tomatoes are a nice touch!


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