04 March 2010

More Views of Keeping up with the Jones Weekend

Ann playing horses with Pearl in the treehouse

Sweet Mary Deane wouldn't let go and actually play with the ball

Nothing like a quick jig in wet hay

We did lots of swinging

Though it looks suspicious, we didn't actually put her in the barrel

Nothing like a house full of family

For a comprehensive list of what we did, go visit the Jones's.


  1. It's true! There is nothing that compares with family...especially this beautiful group.

  2. I'm SO glad you had your camera!! Fun shots! We miss you already!

  3. About MD in the barrel. I don't believe you. How did she get in there?

  4. Jen, she's actually standing behind it and was upset about being there at all.

  5. love that shot of Ann with berries.

  6. looks like a monkey in the barrel to me.


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