05 March 2010

I'll Admit

that organization helps to breed creativity.  Organization comes with a fight around here, you know.  Something seemingly uninspiring is actually the opposite when settled.  Knowing what you have, where it is, and being able to access it easily [as well as being enjoyable to view] contributes to initiating the process of producing.  Since being married we've lived in 4 different apartments, and now our second house.  I always had my plethora of sewing paraphernalia peeking from every possible place.  Under the bed, under the desk, in the desk, in the old antique chest [that was actually a gift to Ryan-thanks love], the book cases, and of course the closets.  

I took on this project while Ryan was away on business and I had free reign of the closet until it was complete.  Azure came in during the process to exclaim "Oooooooh!  You're going to be in trouble.  You have to clean up your mess!"  And I did.  Ah.  A drawer just for my collection of handkerchiefs. One for laces.  Another for zippers and other such notions.  Even a swatchee drawer!  So, today as I gathered my ingredients for my looming project [though in no way think it's gloomy] I removed a drawer at a time to add to a quite lovely mound as I begin my next project.
My pile of potential:

In the spirit of full disclosure, my buttons and beads still reside in the bookcase, but they're completely content, so there they'll stay.


  1. i really love looking at a well organised space, i know its sad, but ive just vhetoed my bedroom and i feel all good :) does this mean we get to see more projects? i love ure work!

  2. those frills and trims have definite potential.

    i've been working on a few projects for a baby shower, (and some not for a baby shower) and don't [yet] have a real space to call my own. Dinah's room is serving to house my sewing desk and all the extras, which is a problem since i get most things done while she is sleeping...so, inevitably the various projects find their way strewn about the house. (the sewing machine is on the kitchen table and the study is filled with paper and fabric).

    so i wonder, with five girls, do you have your own working space?

  3. Man, I thought you were already organized! Looks great! There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down ready to do a project and having to get up multiple times to get this or that. I agree, organization is breeding ground for creativity.

  4. Organization gives me energy!

    sandy toe

  5. I find it so hard to get all of my craft stuff/tools organized, and if I do keeping it that way is almost impossible. As soon as I do a project I am back to square one. Good job on getting organized.

  6. This is the first home we have lived in where I actually have a craft room! It took me a while to organize it all but it's finally there. Now I just need to carve out time to get to the creative part...

  7. I see detritus of dongdaemun in your
    pile of potential.

  8. I just have about 5 storage bins-ful, stacked in my front closet. And, each time I start a project, I have to pull them all out to find the tools or materials I need. It often discourages me from even starting. I would love a system like you have in place here. But, I think we'll need to move out of our one-bedroom apartment before that can happen :)

  9. Can you come help me organize all of my sewing things?
    I love the yellow and white lace. So pretty. :)

  10. Liz,
    I do have a corner of my own, I shall show you it one day...


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