08 March 2010

From My Inbox and A Giveaway

Crysta sent me this photo of her first [of many, I'm sure] Ruffled Cuff!  
Great job, Crysta!
It's so fun to see what you all are doing with my patterns.
Keep the photos coming!
Meanwhile, I've been making more Ruffled Cuffs of my own (see below), as well as some other fun accessories.  In fact, too many.  [Is that possible?]  Well, it's true.

Remedy:  A Giveaway, of course!
I want nominations of someone who you think needs a very fun care package.  

To Enter: Leave a comment of who and why you're nominating, or a link to your blog with a post dedicated to them.  Someone in need of a little cheer?  Someone you just admire and appreciate?  I want to hear about them and I'll choose one of them to be the recipient of a very Pleasing Parcel.


Fine print:  You have until Friday to nominate someone.


  1. A dear friend, who is a supermommy, and who is selfless and loving and kind...find her here: http://attemptingtransparency.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My friend Denise. Why? She is the most faithful commenter on my blog and I think she deserves a little somethin somethin for her devotion. Also, she has been stuck on a base in Japan for almost three years and she could use a little flair and cheer! Find her here: http://deniserobertson.blogspot.com/

    She's heelarious.

  3. I nominate my cousin Andria because she is home with three kids on an army base in North Carolina while her husband is currently deployed to Haiti. She approaches the whole experience with a really great attitude - but I'd love for her to get something fun and exciting to brighten her day.

  4. I would like to nominate my mama. She is such a caring and giving person. We found out last week that she has breast cancer. She is having surgery today and we are all hoping for the best. She could really use some extra sunshine in her life!!

  5. I would like to nominate my little sister. She just had her 2nd baby, has a two year old, and her husband is unemployed. She needs a pick me up, for sure! This would be a perfect parcel for her!

  6. My wife could use this to cheer her up. She has been without a job for 10 months and is pretty depressed about it. Maybe this will turn our luck around!!!

  7. My college buddy, Stephanie.
    She is mama to 5 kids (under 7) (I'll add that 4 of them are boys, all around the ages of your girls. They are handsome. They are clever. They have good parents. They are prospects. Which means if she wins and your kids marry each other, you will have a sweet story to tell).
    Back to Stiffy: she sends me handwritten letters because she knows I love them and she sends me pretty books because she knows I love them too. She is often alone with her littles because of her husband's work requirements and yet, she doesn't complain. She is out in DC, far from family, lost in the snow and - this is the kicker - SHE HAS BEEN DISCOVERING GRAY HAIR!

    I think your lovely creation would be just perfect on her wrist.

    Wish we saw you guys more often.

  8. my sweet sis in law Stephanie is in need of a little lift.
    She's super fashion forward (love her style!) but has been bowled over recently as she and her hubby are seeking a separation.
    Without sharing details, she is so committed to this man that she waits for him to return to her side daily, while caring for their 7 month old son.
    I think a pick me up is definately in order! :)

  9. My friend Jessica for sure. I don't know what I would do without her. She was the first person I met when I moved to a new city and she has been so great about making me feel welcome, not to mention that she and her husband became my surrogate family when my husband was sent away for work for 6 weeks, just 6 weeks after we got married. Lately she has been worried about her brother who is sick and waiting for a second kidney transplant and she has to evacuate her house for a few days next week while it is being tented for termites. I'm sure she would love a pleasing parcel.

  10. My wonderful friend Holly. She is about to have her fifth sweet baby and her oldest will only be six in May! She is such a wonderful mother and friend. She just takes things as they come. And she doesn't have a lot of money, so she never buys herself anything.

  11. What a great giveaway! I'm excited to nominate my good friend Karin. She recently found out that she was expecting twins this September! She has had a difficult time with her pregnancies in the past - and now (with theses babies) she is already on bedrest/limited activity only 12 weeks into it. She has two darling little boys and is currently the one working to support her family while her husband tries to find work in this difficult economy. She is a great mother and a great friend. I know a care package would lift her spirits tremendously. :)

  12. My friend Ashly W. She is getting married in June, hopefully. She found out a few weeks ago, on her birthday, that she needs a liver transplant among other hereditary medical surprises. She has kept a great attitude and could really use a little something nice in her life right now. I have always admired her strong will and drive to be a great woman. Her recent trials have only helped perfect that attitude in her. She is a true inspiration to me.

  13. I would like to nominate my mom. My brother has been in the ICU for the last 4 weeks, and has been in and out of the hospital since the middle of January. He was just transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota....my mom has been by his side the WHOLE time and continues to do so. She definitely deserves a pick-me-up, if I do say so myself!

  14. Katy, I'm glad you went through with this idea! I will be posting my nominee shortly, on my blog. So hard to choose!

  15. My friend Heidi definitely deserves a care package. She has struggled with secondary infertility for many years. She is a great mom and a great friend. Plus, your designs are just her style.

    Her BLOG:

  16. I would love to nominate my oldest daughter who is 15 1/2 years old.She has 2 younger siblings and has made many sacrifices due to them having to come first.She never asks for anything,she understands the financial reasoning of why she can't have what she wants & never complains about it.We moved this past summer to an older house where she finally has her own room but we are not able at the time to decorate it as we envisioned doing so she has bare walls,no desk & a small dresser that she has to share with her sisters.She (and all of us) don't like her new school...there's no morality at all & the kids do what they want & she doesn't have any friends b/c they are all into something bad being drugs,drinking or sex & she has stood proudly of her beliefs,although it has been very tough doing so.To show my appreciation,I would love for her to get a lovely package to brighten her day.(She's probably one of a handful of teens that actually loves getting mail.) :)

  17. This woman...


    I'm sure you will see why when you check out her blog. I will say, that she has not been on in quite a while, though. But she has a very special place in my heart.

  18. I nominate my sister-in-law Kelly. She is unbelievably talented and creates the most fantastic accessories for her kids. She has two little boys and two little girls and she makes time every day to be creative.
    (To see her blog, click on my name and check my blog roll for "Austin and Kelly" and go from there!)

  19. Can I nominate Renee's daughter, also? After reading her comment I was touched. Not often do you see teens described in such a way. She sounds like a sweet girl who would truely appreciate a "fun care package"!

  20. I would nominate Katy Dill, but that wouldn't really work. Hmmm...I nominate my dear friend Alyssa Chadwick who just gave birth to a beautiful daughter. He baby girl is in the NICU and Alyssa misses her so much. She was so sad she could not take her baby home from the hospital. I think she deserves a care package. Plus she loves mail! She is always sending nice things to people in the mail. If Alyssa wins, contact me at matissemadden@yahoo.com

  21. My amazing friend Sara. She has lived her 32 years with Cerebral Palsy. Simple tasks that we do in minutes take her well over an hour. She lives with such courage and optimism. I have always admired her and loved her and would love her to recieve this package!


  22. Lyndsey, my ever-willing to babysit, sister, whom I love. She's always so selfless when it comes to helping out others.
    . . . it's also her birthday this month.

    Lynds' Blog

  23. I really must nominate my dear friend Amber. We are old pals from New Orleans, where our husbands attended law school together. I have always admired Amber...I think she is true Wonder Woman, kind of like Katy Dill :-). Amber has five kids (four boys and a girl), whom she home schools.

    Her husband lost his job back in October and so she has had to leave her home and life in New Jersey to live with her parents in Utah during this terrible time of unemployment. Her husband recently found some temp work back in New Jersey, so now she's separated from him on top of it all. Not only that, but even before he lost his job her husband was having to commute far too far to come home from work during the week, so she only saw him on the weekends for several months...and at the time she was pregnant with her fifth child!

    As you can see, Amber has been dealing with a lot for...going on a year now, at least...and she still has a long road ahead of her before she can expect some semblance of normalcy to return to her life. She is a remarkable woman and mother and a dear friend, and she has held up amazingly well through all of this stress. I love for her to receive a little something special!


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