03 March 2010

With a cake like this,

a chocolate flourless cake, a rich ganache glaze and a smothering of raspberry sauce

this was bound to happen:

Cake recipe here.  Use their chocolate glaze or make a chocolate ganache with cream.

Raspberry sauce: 1 1/2 bags of frozen raspberries, 1 cup sugar (or to taste).  Cook over medium heat until raspberries release their juices and sugar is dissolved.  Strain seeds by pushing sauce through sieve with rubber scraper (this takes some time, but very worth it for a smooth, seedless sauce).


  1. Lovely photos! I want cake now.

  2. Oh! That was what I forgot to add to my highlight list! Yummo. You've always been a fantastic baker.

  3. hi katie,

    i'm just your friendly neighborhood blog stalker. :)

    i love your photos and the little girls in them are so stinking cute.

    wondering if you could share how you post your pictures so large and keeping them so sharp.


    lauren diaz

  4. Was that Pearly's birthday cake?

  5. Looks so YUMMY! Can you post the recipe?

  6. Oh those ruby lips! Looks delicious.

  7. Thanks for making me smile :)

  8. Krissy, I've added the recipe.

    Jordan, Yes, Ryan's birthday cake (though I unabashedly admit that the raspberry sauce was for me.)

  9. Oh Katy, I would love to have a flourless chocolate cake bake-off with you ... wouldn't it be lovely if i popped over with my familia this Friday nite for a contest extraordinare?

  10. Katy, I think the sauce was my favorite part!


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