20 January 2010

A weekend Boston Teaparty

My love had these awaiting in our bedroom, rivaling the chocolates from here
(my favorites: the ginger and the lavender)

View from the hotel

Creamy avocado beverage with slimy black balls at the bottom and a straw big enough for them to slide right into my mouth!

View from the Prudential building

Fresh snow on a Boston graveyard

The wave do

Extra set of utensils, a horseshoe [and a carrot?]

Sisters.......We dragged these two around and they were kind enough to do whatever we wanted

I learned three things:
[1]  Church without kids [or a calling] is a very relaxing, enjoyable experience
[2]  I am really funny without kids
[3]  We enjoy being without them even more because we know we get to come home to them


  1. that's one good looking bobadrink.

  2. Boston has such a rich, old, hearty feeling to it. It's one of my favorite cities.

  3. OH MY. Katy.
    I have been wanting to go to Boston for months now...mostly just to eat at Giacmo's. BEST pumpkin ravioli's I've ever had. Perhaps your lovely pics filled my East Coast needs :).
    What a gorgeous recap. I truly love your photography. I'm always excited to check out your site!

    Thank you for the comment on the aqua velvet dress. loved it all :)
    And yes, I think I need to make it in every color.

    Hey, btw, what's your email address? (if you don't mind sharing of course) I often want to respond to your comments, but can't find your address.

    - dana

  4. Dana! I HAD THE PUMPKIN RAVIOLI AT GIACOMO'S! (and yes, I'm yelling it because it was my absolute favorite culinary choice of the whole trip.) I love that you've had it.

  5. tell me about the flatware and horseshoe embedded in the concrete.

  6. I love the picture of Claudette and her sister. That is classic! Mirror images. Glad you had a fun.

  7. Was it fun to be in cold weather and be able to dress for it? YOU are funny, I remember your funnyness in NYC!

  8. I love your photos. I'm glad you got to be funny!

  9. those are chocolates!? they look like mini works of art! (typical me, a whole post of culture and i only notice the chocolate!)

  10. Liz--so glad you're familiar with the beverage. It was yum.
    Ashley--yes! so fun to wear my wool Zara coat, and packing for one, my suitcase was mostly empty, especially when I took my coat out to wear!
    Dad--The embedded silverware were in front of a restaurant. I'm not sure the significance of the horseshoe or carrot.

  11. absolutely love your photos. my husband and i visited boston not long ago and your images brought back great memories.

    (stumbled on your blog somehow... lovely!)

  12. Remember when we took that small bumpy plane from Nantucket to Boston? That was crazy!! What are the slimy black balls? great photos.

  13. Question
    What were you doing there?
    I want those chocolates.
    Truth, written.
    That photo of the sisters is one of your finest yet.
    I wish I would have been able to meet you there.

  14. Ash--Ryan had to go the week for business. I (and Claudette & sister) joined him for the weekend.

  15. Pumpkin ravioli sounds wonderful! I have really enjoyed butternut squash ravioli in the past, but I so love the flavor of pumpkin that I am excited to hear about and seek out this culinary treat.
    Also, in response to #2, you ARE funny! I know that, and I barely get to spend any time with you! :)


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