04 January 2010

I Don't Normally Make New Year's Resolutions

But I've come to the conclusion that something must be done.
We have few square feet but many feet to fill it.
(not unlike the above photo where we spent a day--Castaway Cay)
So, here it is.  My Resolutions in list form.

1.  To simplify. 
 Every so often, Ryan and I declare a "no spending month."  A month where we refrain from purchasing wants.  Ryan tries more diligently to bring his lunch (right, love?)  No trips to Target where I end up buying this and that because they were on sale, or a few items from the dollar spot.  January is a no spending month.  It is also a big birthday month in my family--lots of homemade gifts (though I admit I already had one gift purchased from last month).  Just today I was working on something and needed a button with a shank and couldn't find the color I wanted.  Instead of running to the fabric store, I pulled out some nailpolish and painted the color I needed.  Not bringing more stuff in is the first step.  The second step is getting rid of those things you don't love.  I already went through my closet and have a new wardrobe waiting for someone.  Release the clutter.  Don't hang on to those pants you've had since high school, vowing you will fit into them one day.  Love who you are today.

2.  Relax more.
Even when I'm in bed, trying to fall asleep, I'm reviewing the day and chastizing myself for being too quick to snap or not accomplishing all I had planned.  Perhaps a tub soak a week.  Or maybe I'll start yoga (am I the last person on earth not to do yoga?)  I am a better mother and wife when I take care of me.

3.  Develop a six-pack.
Ha!  Post 5 kids?  Not going to happen.


  1. i'm not a resolution maker either! but i did jot down a few things that i want to try and work on! 2 of which you listed....SIMPLICITY!!! it's life grander when it's simplified?!!! i find i do the same with not being able to sit still and relax.....if the kids are up then i am constantly moving, why is it i sometimes wonder if my kids are add?!!! maybe if i could sit and relax, enjoy some knitting, reading, ect maybe they would relax too! um and about that six pack....i don't know you AT all but from pictures viewed in your blog i wouldn't guess in a bazillion years that you birthed 5 kids!!! you look fantastic.. pat yourself on the back!!! cheers to a simpler and more relaxed '10!!!

  2. May I borrow your "resolutions"? I actually try not to make the New Year be some big production of change. I am a firm believer in "slow and steady" wins the race. I try a little bit each day. When I fail, I remind myself that there is always tomorrow.

    We do goals as a family at our first FHE of the year, and then we check progress at least quarterly. It is our only attempt at resolutions. Some years are better than others.

    Also, I don't do yoga either.

  3. I LOVE new year's resolutions. I want your discarded wardrobe. And that six pack? You can totally do it!!

  4. Happy New Year!
    Odd to read about your "simplified" closet - I returned home from a week away and immediately attacked mine even before all was unpacked! (Felt so great, I am moving on to others!)

    Good luck with your 3 goals!

  5. i want your old wardrobe too. have another contest. or, i'll share with jordan.

    we're planning on having a few lean months too. starting next month.

    six pack means no more children! are you sure about this? are you absolutely sure? i am not sure for you. your girls are awfully cute...

  6. Just remember....anything new going into the wardrobe means an old item must go.
    Seems as if there is constant traffic in my closet hallway.

    No 6 pack! Yikes...uneven numbers are had on the last or middle one.

    Love them all.

  7. 00PS meant hard on the last or middle.

  8. I like that your list isn't that long. Three goals are quite doable. Good luck with those. I may try to do the same things (except the six pack, having given up on that a long time ago).

  9. You have a great list. I'm trying to work on similar goals, except the 6 pack. That would be really hard to do with my belly growing like it is ;)

  10. I know how you can make it a 6-pack! Have another baby:)

  11. I really like your goals for this year. I think as Mother's we need to find time to relax and focus on ourselves. Alot of times we don't and I think that's really important.
    I just might be adding your goals to mine. Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. I thought you were talking about a new beverage on goal number 3.

  13. I like Kurt's and Ashley's comments.
    And I know how you like beverages.

  14. I love this list--except #3 of course. Too impossible. But I need to do #2 also. It would be good for me in so many ways.
    And I want your clothes. :)

  15. Sometimes I have to stear clear of Target!

    sandy toe

  16. I'm with you on #1, my garage has been filling for about 2 months. So I guess it's not really a New Years resolution, but it will be this year that I get rid of the clutter. #2, i'm also working on, and I have never done yoga either. And my #3 is running again. Happy New Year, and that beach picture is heart breaking on these frigid days! I want to be there!

  17. I bet you already HAVE a six pack! Sheesh. I want to have a 'no spending week' once a month. I'll start next week. ;)

  18. I love your resolutions and that amazing picture! Happy New Years! I still love to visit your site with your 5 girls--it makes me smile that we are the same in an opposite kind of way!

  19. You're back! That photo is magazine quality!

    You're smart to keep it to three.

    I think you should make a new 6-pack beverage and have dad come up with the name.

    Yes, what are you going to do with your disposed wardrobe? I think you should keep up the tradition of the youngest sister getting the hand-me-downs.

  20. Does the last comment on #1 mean that you were even teenier in high school??

    I saw your skirts on the Made blog. They looked as great as the first time they were posted. :)


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