11 December 2009

What was I thinking?

I wasn't.  That's often my problem.  And that's why Ryan and I are perfect together.  He sees ahead and is able to insert different variables and consider the outcome.  I just like to get started and create.  Which is what I did on these skirts.  I was going to make 5, of course, one for each of them for Christmas.  I finished Azure's and thought, that wasn't too bad.  Then I started on Olive's which seemed exponentially bigger.  Cut.  Gather.  Sew.  Repeat a million-bazillion-kajillion times.  So, this is it.  I've already justified it in my mind, so don't try to convince me otherwise:  Divine and Pearl don't really twirl anyway & Clover can't twirl.  But my dilemma doesn't end there.  I am in search of leg warmers to go with these twirlers.  These girls have toothpick legs, too.  Any suggestions?

*I got this idea from this website (I think I made it harder than it should be)


  1. if you're going for the traditional style, Target sells some solid ones for pretty cheap.

    but, if it were me, i'd either cut the feet out of some cute woman's knee high socks (did that with a pair of mine once for Dinah), OR purchase some like these and crop them accordingly.

    also, etsy, of course, has lots of adorable options.

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. I agree with Liz. They are really easy to make. Target has great thigh and knee high socks. Would that work?

  3. And by the way, I would never try to convince you to make THREE more. Your girls share anyway so no sweat.

  4. Those are the coolest twirly skirts ever! Seoul has toothpick size leg warmers by the truck load. What's your pleasure?

  5. I really like how you used colors for these. Good luck finding tights for the girls. The only store we have here is wal-mart. That's where I would look for some tights but I really like Old Navy's selection.

  6. hanna anderson!
    i second etsy and look for babylegs.

  7. I want to know how you made these, I have an idea and REALLY want to make one for Maple.
    baby legs make great leg warmers for big girls.

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  9. Try this site out. http://www.littlemissmatched.com/
    Love the skirts, the best twirly skirts I have ever seen.

  10. Yeah, making them out of socks would be cute, you could use some lacy dress socks for pretty-ness, but then they wouldn't be so warm.
    Another thought, that I saw on another blog, was using the arms of old sweaters. I think she did cut some width out of the arms and then just cuffed them. With the knit they stretched jsut right.

  11. the ones i was trying to link are the gradient striped tights toward the bottom of this page.

  12. i love the skirts! THEY ARE AMAZING! i especially love the colours of the blue!

  13. OH MY GOSH.
    These are AMAZING!!!
    Do you care if I share these on my site down the road? (giving you credit of course). :)
    Beautiful work! And very cool picture. The picture always sells the item.
    Oh, and thanks for liking my chandelier :)

  14. oh my gosh i love them! great job!!!

  15. Hi,
    I love these leg warmers for my girls they are ruffled. Here is a site I order them from.

  16. I linked your blog through MADE - absolutely stunning, inspired me to get working on this project!

  17. I swear I'm going to make these skirts too! (but for me!) I bought some pink chiffon to make a skirt for my daughter, but I figure I'm off the hook until Valentines (or at least Easter).

    Good job!

    P.S. Those aren't really your kids' names are they? I always wanted five girls (sigh).

  18. You can make your own...check out this really easy TUT

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    your girls are so cute! the skirts are cutest and bestest ever. I know they help each other when they are sad and they also love and do good deeds to each other. I will make a cutest skirt too with my sewing machine from Grandpa.
    love, Abby
    My 5 yr. old was insisting on leaving you a post about the skirts! they are darling - and now she is excited for a project together.... this will be fun!

  20. I have a tutorial posted on how to make leg warmers out of an old long sleeve t-shirt on my blog...try it out it would look great with these skirts!!!

  21. These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  22. Gorgeous! Do you have a link to the pattern? I might have to enlist my mother in making these for my clients. So cute!

  23. Love your blog and your creativity. Sorry to tell you this but the link to the original tute is no longer working and I am so hoping that you will make one up for us all to share, but I guess that means you would have to make another one up.

    Here's hoping!!!!!!!!!!!

    your blog is lovely and thank you for sharing with us all.

    much love

  24. secondo me bastavano dei leggins e dei stivali!!
    ti adoro!, sei strepitosa! da la Italia con amore!


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