12 December 2009

Conifer Couture Curtain!

Conifer Couture dresses still available for purchase!

(Or one included [FREE!] for a limited time with any order through December in my Etsy shop!)


  1. Love the orange curtain with couture accoutrements

  2. Hey Ms. Katy,
    I have been a crafting machine (thanks in large part to some awesome directions and inspiration from your neck of the woods). I came across this website http://makeitandloveit.blogspot.com/ and thought you might enjoy some of the things that she's created. I am certain that your craftiness level is equivalent or probably even exceeds hers, but it might give you some good ideas, as well. Keep posting the tutorials! I'm dying to finally make that memory card game... thanks again for sharing!

  3. This is so cool! What girl wouldnt love this?


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