17 December 2009

My Baby Dills

Raise your hand if you're tired of looking at my curtain.  

You did that a little too fast.

Divine and Pearl have recently discovered the freedom of perching in a tree

Olive can melt the hardest heart with her smiling eyes

What a poser

Cherry Buns


  1. Cute! Oh, and I am there to hear you play (you don't have to pull my arm:)).

  2. What a fun place your house must be :)

  3. love the floral arrangement.
    love the tree birds.
    love Olive's eyes.
    love the poser.
    love the buns.

  4. I just love your girls.
    Wish we could come and hear your harping. That would be so fun!

  5. AH-H-h-h-h-h what beautiful things those little Dills, just like their parents.

  6. Katy, that first photograph is MAGICAL! I love the votive lanterns and I love those sisters in the tree. I have thought about how beautiful this photo is several times since you posted it!


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