20 October 2009

T Minus Zero

We are now home and exhausted from the travel.  We've been awake 24 hours now.  I fell asleep as Pearl read her book.  Olive fell asleep the second her blond locks blanketed her pillow.  Ryan fell asleep while I was cutting his hair.  
But we miss the gromma & grompa horribly.

photos from our travel to Japan
Originally it was going to be a trip for 3--the parents and the firstborn.  We then considered taking number 2, and easily convinced ourselves (I know, we're such push-overs) that she needed to come.  Right before we purchased our tickets, we felt the need to take our sweet, happy number 3.  She may not remember anything we did, except by promptings of photographs, but Ryan and I felt it was right.  She's tender and needed to be with us.

(However, we didn't tell the grandparents Olive was coming and it made for a most delightful surprise to witness.)

Good night.


  1. Glad your safely home!! Can't wait to see more pictures.

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  3. Oh Katy! I missed you guys. I have fun news so write me when you get a chance...

  4. It is WAY too quiet, tidy, and boring with out you! Glad you are home safely.

  5. Japan! I would love to visit Japan. Can't wait to see some pictures.

  6. okay hold back, when did u go to japan!? i am so confused i didnt see it, i thought you had just run away from the blogging world this is amazing! i am 15 and a half and the only travel i have ever had is 3 days in paris via a school trip a couple months back! its brilliant you took your babies, but what did you do with clover? did u hide her in a suitcase?

  7. that uniform is awesome. How great for your girls to see a new part of the world.


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