21 October 2009

Japan Part I

Beverage choices upon arrival to Japan

I fell in love with the uniforms in Japan.  A uniform for all--and everyone takes their jobs seriously performing them with integrity.

The first subway ride of the trip was highly anticipated.

Festival Fried Food

Ropes of prayers tied to a giant lantern

Angels of trash

Futons on tatami mats were our bed in this traditional Japanese Ryokan.  
Robes were provided to attend the public baths or to wear to bed.  
Olive chose the latter.


  1. Ahh...the lemon Aquarius was my FAVORITE drink when I lived in Japan many years ago. I need to go back and visit.

  2. Katy, that picture of you looks like it comes directly out of a magazine advertisement. You are so beautiful!!!

  3. Ah ! Asia is amazing, especially Japan! So fun. Olive looks so so happy to be there also. I think she will remember it, too. My brother was younger than her when we first went back to Korea, and he remembers it. It is very vivid in my mind as well, and I have very few un-blurred childhood memories. I was about six or seven. Divine and Pearl are going to have it emblazoned on their minds. Hooray!

  4. That's so neat that you all got to go to Japan. When did you go?

  5. I agreed with Carol before I read her comment: You are an add-vertiss-mint for Suntory beverage.

  6. Love the three futons full of girls!

  7. Love Asia~! That is so true about the uniforms. One for each job complete with gloves and hat. And everyone is so happy and hard working. We Americans could take a page out of that book. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  8. those girls fit right in with their Hello Kitty backpacks!

    oh that this were me and mine in 5-10(?) years or so.

  9. How long were you in Japan? You look absolutely beautiful in that picture too!

  10. Katherine--we were there 4 days.


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