16 October 2009

We've been gone, and missing

number 4 and number 5.  We come home shortly to see their happy faces.

(yes, I scheduled all those posts--did you know you can do that?  just push that little Post Options button.)


  1. You get to travel a lot. For being a mommy of little ones, you are mobile. That's great!

  2. I love scheduling posts, it's so cool. It confused my mom so bad the last time we took a trip together, she couldn't figure out when I had time to post.

    So what's in the delightful bags? Treats for each day you're gone? I'm dying to know.

    I hope you trip was awesome.

  3. Lol... I have to admit I thoght something was up, but had no idea what. Thanks for the FYI ;)

  4. sounds like mysterious fun, i am young and naive so i just learnt something today! for i did not know we bloggers could scedule posts!

  5. Katy, I got you something (you are one of the winners in "pay it forward" game). Please email me your info so that we can decide how I will get it to you.
    My emil address is tyltina@i.ua

    Thank you

  6. The bags contain little candies, toys, cookies, and a new movie.


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