13 January 2009

I know what you're thinking

you're thinking, wow, those five little girls bare quite a resemblance to the five dill girls....
that's because they are the dill girls! 
i had a {very talented }friend of mine from high school do this custom print for a gift and i love how it turned out.  check her out here, and you can get your very own, i mean of your kids, or whatever. thanks, jen.


  1. Cool! Love the image. Love the girls!
    Glad you're supporting the artist.

  2. It's darling. I just may have to enlist Jenny's talents. Lucky Gammy!

  3. I love this, also, what a great gift!

  4. oh i love it too! i just checked out her etsy shop - what a fab find! i foresee steal-the-show baby gifts on the horizon and perhaps a print of my little brood as well.

  5. That is wonderful! I love it!


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