12 January 2009

Happy Thirty-One!

It was 31 years ago today my mom brought into this world her second child, Jordan, Jordie, Jord, Jo.  Nobody knew how full of life this little girl would be.  Her head always full of romantic notions and dreams for what she wanted life to deliver.  They didn't know the joy they would get from her writings and yearning to tell the world of her thoughts and her ability to express what was in her heart so that it would touch a soul to the core.  Unaware of the other beautiful spirits she would take part in bringing into the world to share with them what was hers to offer. Lucky babes.  Or rather blessed.  As anticlimactic as it may feel, Jord, it is quite significant, your years on this earth.  Love to you on your day!



  1. Wow, katy. Those were much needed and appreciated words today. Thank you for that. Love you. See you soon (:

  2. Happy Birthday Jordan! Your family is so beautiful and you are gorgeous. Loves-Matisse

  3. You described her perfectly! Anyone who knows her, can't helo but love her.

  4. I heart Jordan too! She is a gem.


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