14 January 2009

Birthday Wishes to Bocaj (bock-adj)

Megan and Jacob with Ashley's little boy, Eli

Jacob and I have always gotten along (although I did tell him, when we were little that if he joined the army, they would have to cut off his toe that overlapped his other toe--I am a big sister, after all).  We're no drama kind of people, although we do like really great accessories.  Jacob is a natural.  A natural, you ask?  At what?  Oh, you name it.  From fixing watches, to finding a bargain (and I mean a bargain!).  From furniture making to lighting your head on fire without burning your scalp (or was that just high school?)  He's ultra cool, without the big head.  We love you, Jake!  Happy Birthday!
Love, Ytak (ee-tack)

PS Do you even read your families' blogs?


  1. Yes, I'm also waiting for the first ever comment from brother Jacob.

    Nadroj (it's prounounced as it's written)

  2. That is my assignment to Jacob today, ready your sisters and parents blogs!
    MOM (Pronounced as written)

  3. Physically, he does have a big head.
    But he still is in proportion.

  4. He is also fantastic at board/card and video games but what is more shocking is that he is a major trash talker! And I thought he was so sweet and mellow until I played him in Mario Kart! One of these days I am going to beat him and make him swallow his words.

  5. This is my THIRD post on family blogs in one day! Love you Dills!

  6. Ryan and Katy! I tried to mail you a Christmas card and it got returned! Help!

    It is so fun to read your blog and I am glad to know the fifth little princess arrived healthy and well. (At least, the pictures seem so.) You do have your hands full. No wonder Ryan always had so many girl friends around...God was preparing him for the future!

    We hope you are able to read our blog....let me know if you don't have the address to it. Also, please email me your current address when you have a second...okay? It is bellybutton at people p c and you know the rest!

    Take care and hope you are doing GREAT! Love, Mel (P.S. - Ryan, you'll never ever ever guess who I might possibly go on a date with....)


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