20 January 2009

My Marathon

I had a dream.  I almost always remember my dreams.

I was running a marathon.  Holding Clover.

'We' were running through a series of small shops.

I was aware and nervous that as soon as I reached the end, I was supposed to take a test about everything I had learned in life.

So, I brought a book to study while I ran.

At one point I lost Clover and had to retrace my steps to find her.  I did.  And continued.

I woke up before I reached the finish line, relieved I still had time to learn more from life.


  1. What a dream. A little too real? I am sure it feels like a marathon some days!

  2. Traumatic! Glad you found your 4-leafer. Don't read and run. It is too stressful.


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