19 December 2008


Holy Cow (am I the only one who still says that?), I have a lot of kids, I find myself thinking quite often (which I was taught in grade school to pronounce off-en) these days--even though people tell me that all the time.  Looking at these photos of us at the zoo from a couple weeks ago, I thought it again. I also find myself counting them, which I used to just visually scan to make sure I wasn't missing someone.  I really have to count them just to be sure.  I liken us to a really great soup: a whole bunch of ingredients thrown in a (small) pot, getting better the longer it simmers, comforting to hold in your hands, even if there is no partaking, though usually once you smell it, you simply can't resist.  Yes, even if you say you're not a soup person.

We may not always have both shoes on, hair done, a balanced meal (do cheetos and hot chocolate count as a meal?), or crumbs swept from the floor, but there is rarely a dull moment around here...if you like that sort of thing.  So if you're in the mood for a big bowl of comfort-food-feeling kind of love...well, by all means, come on over! I can promise you'll be smothered with it!

PS Have you ever seen close ups of a zebra's knees?


  1. Count your many blessing! Please, smoother me! That is one fine Dill soup! M

  2. Love your little monkeys! Love the pictures.

  3. those zebra's knees are kind of creepy and beautiful at the same time. eww and glorious!

  4. Love the striped knee closeup. HOt chocolate and cheetos has counted as a meal at OUR house...

  5. Dill Soup has been my source of comfort for the past 9 months, and yet, I always want that for my main meal.

    Dill Soup is filling, seasoned with just enough spices and fiber with just a hint of what is the taste that's unidentifiable and makes me want more. It's always warmed just right, sometimes it can get a little too hot, but cools off just fine.



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